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ear of going crazy

hey guys for the past couple of weeks i have been so scared that im goin to go crazy like snap and lose it. i have alot of stress goin on in my life right now but i cant even relax im afraid im going to die and i keep thinking im going to go crazy like im terrified and i get these awfull feelings that im going to like lose it but i dont is this just anxiety ? pleaseee help me
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Hello my name is Amber and I am 41 years old, when I was in my young 20's I had similiar thoughts such as you have. Good news I didn't go crazy :) what I did was in my mind act out what would happen if I did go crazy and how I would solve the problem. Plus I got really tired of always worrying about it. I finally just said to myself...ok so what if I do go crazy at least I'm not dead and I'm not gonna die right this very minute. And then I would just go about my day. So in a way I kinda surrendered to it but didn't let it control my life. I hope some of this helps and to be honest if you think your going crazy your probably not because you still have the ability to rationalize and know the differance between right and wrong. I would try some meditation you can look up online ways to do it there is no right an wrong way just whatever helps you relax....Best wishes, Amber.
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hey im amy..i wouldnt say your going crazy..i think your very overwhelmed and should step back and look at stresors u can get rid of in your life,id say your having panic attacks which can cause u to feel like ur going to die,if its very severe i would check into a proffesional that could help you. i hope it gets better,for i suffer from panic attacks to
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