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sleep problem or anxiety issue

I have not slept properly since I was very young - by the time I was 10 I was already spending hours awake trying to fall asleep - I have a very high anxiety level which is somewhat genetic and alot caused by my older brother who would terrorize me by trapping me in sleeping bags, hanging me off the balcony, throwing me off things, and taunting me and quick punches - from the time i was 17 I started medicating myself with alcohol but would only sleep until 3 am - lie awake until 6 thinking over my problems. Then at 35 I found Imovane and became quickly a fan - I slept well but after getting to the point of using it constantly for a number of years it also stopped helping me sleep through the night. When I try and sleep on my own one of two things happens either i cannot get to sleep or more commonly i go through a period of a few hours in which as soon as I start to fall asleep I have terrifying visions of falling through the sky and I immediately wake back up - this can occur many times before i finally fall asleep. I have never been able to nap. Any ideas?
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