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very anxity

hello please help me I am very worried
yesterday I cantact with my friend  who is carrier of Hepatit b and he tell me that my doctor said in 12 years ago I cant transmite Hepatit B to anyyone but I dont know It s true or not
I felt when he was talking a bit of his saliva splash in my eyes but I m not sure and I have doubt that the saliva splash in my eyes. because we had fifty or more distance and I was not in Parallel of his mouth .also I have Obsessions and I dont like tests because I am afrid very much and I will be  became crazy because I fear I get Hepatit B and transmite to my family memebers. please help me should I be worried?
I hate testing beacause I have fobia of this deaseae such a HIV and Hepatit B can I ignore my fear?  if  in your opinion I must go and test is it essential that  I do somethings to prevent HBV to my family members before testing ?(because I must test 6 mounths later?
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