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zoloft and xanax

so after taeking 25 mg of zoloft for 2 weeks feeling horrible from it getting no support from my doc i tapered down to 12.5 mg . yesterday was day 4 and im haveing withdrawl sideaffects. yesterday i felt like i was haveing minor anxiety attacks all day long.  barely slept at all was haveing major hot flashes. today dawns day 5 on the 12.5mg and i feel no better. the nausa and stuff isnt to bad but  the withdrawl feelings that im haveing attacks is lasting. i wanna take a xanax so bad today especially since its 90 outside and my husband is at work till 7pm but i havent taken a xanax in over a week and dont wanna get dependent on them again . so confused here


yea we went in and talked to the doc last week that i wanted to get off the meds id rather go talk to a psych the pills are making me feel horid. and all the doc was concerned about was putting me on a different pill and upping my xanax dose and wanting me to take it more often .me pissed us off so bad cause he wouldnt even listen.
i went outside with my daughter for a bit and blew bubbles till it got to hot so that helped me feel somewhat better. but now being back inside its only a matter of time before the feelings come back again.


yea im looking for a new doc. i dont wanna take any of the pills honestly. id rather go in and talk to someone about my problem. i cut the 25 mg dose in half cause thats the info i found on safest way to taper off it. iwas feeling better since i took the xanax  except for headach till my husband calls screaming at me for takeing a xanax after i havent taken o ne in a week now.  i really feel i should have gotten the zoloft out of my system before doing the xanax not the other way around .
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so thats my story. im on day 6 of 12.5 mg zoloft. gave in and had to take a half xanax yesterday which did help out alot. will be calling tommorow to try to make a aptment with a psych but not sure how long it will take to get in to see him . so any thoughts on how much longer i should take the 12.5mg zoloft and if i should taper down to 6.25 mg and if so when . i read 2 weeks on each level but iv also read after 25 u can safely just stop so i need some advice. trying to keep the xanax down to .5 a day once a day only so will see how that goes. confused rite now
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