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Weaning off clonazepam-someone help, please

Hi, I am new to the group and appreciate all who have contributed.
I need support as I am attempting to get off clonazepam.  I was up to 4 mg. daily and was able to wean down to 1 mg.  Anx was up again.  So, for over 3 years I have been on 2 mg daily.  (I started using clonazepam over 10 yrs ago due to panic attacks/severe anx).
I have weaned myself at 0.25 mg every two weeks.  Currently, I am down to 1 mg.  I noticed with 1 mg I am experiencing intense sensitivity to noise, light, tactile.  Where I enjoyed wearing some fabrics (cotton), I cannot tolerate some articles of clothing....Hypervigilance and sensitivity are surely happening.  
Experiencing abd pain-I have read Heather Ashton's manual re benzo withdrawal.
Add sleeplessness to my emotional distress.
Even tho I am aware of the rationale of what is occuring, I feel isolated and just awful is the word.
I am doing the weaning with my physician's knowledge.  I do not think he is aware how difficult this can be.  He had suggested decreasing bt 0.5 mg. I said no as I was fearful of seizure activity.   (no history of seizures).
I have taken antidepressants for over 20 yrs.  Currently I am on Viibryd 10 mg.  A higher dose caused anx. even when on higher dose of clonazepam.
Folks, that's it, I guess.  My husband is supportive and caring.  No one else knows.  I cannot speak to anyone as I am sensitive to judgment at this time...
Add PTSD to this mess...first spouse tried to kill me when I was a younger woman...Flashbacks occuring. Prayer helps.  I am grateful I am alive and was able to raise my kids to adulthood.
Thanks for listening.
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I hope you read this. I stopped taking Klonapin 3 monthes and 3 days ago and have been in hell since. How are YOU doing??? I too have read Dr Ashtons stuff and it was helpful but...I desperately need to chat with "real" people who know. I feel so alone. My doctors obviously hadnt a freaking clue how awful this withdrawal can be. I too have hypersensitivity of the skin and have gotten downright paranoid about the little ants that like my house (common here in Florida). Eeeeuuwww.....Also my skin is intensely itchy. Unbearable and weirdly its worse at night. Sleep has been non existent and so I am tired to the point of sickness. I am scared! When will this end? WILL it end??? I have read some people are like this for 1-2 years. I do not think I could handle this and I really am frightened. I thought this process would be gradual with slow improvements, but that hasnt happened. Oh, the first 2 weeks were worse, even was hallucinating and really pretty nuts. BUT altho that stopped, the physical symptoms (and there are many!) have not tapered off.
    Is there anyone out there who knows about this OR are going though it?? Please, please post. Heck, you might be saving this person from going off the deep end.
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I've joined now not realizing how old the posts are.  I was also wondering how you guys were doing.  If it helps, reading your experiences have given me hope.  I've been on Ativan for a year, and my dr. just dropped me for a missed appointment.  No refills, out of meds, a month ago.  Ironically, I had finally read up on the severity of addiction to benzos (I had always been more concerned about the narcotic) and decided to start tapering off.  Now I'm going cold turkey.  I hope you guys are doing well!!!
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