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Ok please help me-the more the merrier...SERIOUS question!

Ok, those of u who wish to help me research this/give me some opinions, I would be incredibly great full!

I have toxoplasmosis since I was 15.
It caused me to go blind in one eye but I was treated and now the virus lies dormant in my system because once u get it, u have it for life...latent in your body. 25% population have this apparently.

13 years later I get heart disease out of nowhere, my theory lies ( because docs hav no clue why a 28 year old would have this) on the fact that it was the toxo, after doing a bit of research...I'm better now. I take heart meds for life (unless my heart recovers 100%, and it's getting there..)

Lastly I've read on current 2013 sources that toxoplasmosis could be one of the most feared parasites because if it does infect the brain I.e cause encephalitis, then the neurotransmitter dopamine is excelled in the brain and you could develope bipolar or schizophrenia. Studies have shown statistically that schizophrenics/bi polar patients have toxoplasmosis latent within their system.

I am worried. Is anyone willing to help me research more into this? I have been on ADs for over 15 years now. Could be my psychiatric problems....but what if there's a relation to the toxo?
Any views??
Many thanks! Xx
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