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4 concussions, personality changes, and feeling down

Hi, I'm desperate for advice on my situation, regarding my concussions, and the results following them.  Earlier in March, I had a concussion working at home, and had the natural brain fog that comes with it, so I tried to rest as much as possible even though I was still working.  Unfortunately while I was still dealing with the effects from the first, I hit my head 3 other times, making things obviously much worse.  I had a ct scan after the first 2, with no actual noted findings.  After the next, I started having pressure and swelling in my head, but the hospital only gave me an IV of benadryl and another med and sent.me.on my way, which made me feel twice as bad. I saw my doctor and told her my situation and visit at the ER, to which she responded that felt that there was no serious damage but that I really needed to take it easy and received an anti inflammatory shot.  Now I've hit my head a fourth time, and not only do I feel like an absolute moron, I am not myself whatsoever.  I'm more upset, irritable, not able to remember much, I dont do the things I once enjoyed, and while I was once normally very analytical, creative and artistic, I seem to have none of those characteristics left.  I never lost conciousness or gotten dizzy, and I still have decent hand to eye coordination, but I am bot the person I once was. This is extremely confusing and disheartening as well as scary, and I'm not sure what to do next.  I thought of possibly going to another ER or clinic to see if another scan will come out of it, but that's all I can really think of. I have no insurance and not much money on top of it.  Any serious advice is extremely appreciated.  I'm also 37 in case I didnt mention. Thank you so much
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