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Any History Buffs Lurking in the Undergrowth ???

I adore History. Unfortunately I can't seem to find anyone to share my passion. I have recently moved to Hampshire (England) and haven't yet stumbled upon a fellow enthusiast.

Maybe I can coax someone here to join me in animated discussions. I love hearing other people's theories....

Not too familiar with American History, but I love research and learning. Slightly better on European, but mostly English/British. Ancient Greece and Roman too. End of Republic to beginning of Empire.

Somebody take pity on me huh? Please ...........  !!!!!!

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:-)))  P.m. me with your thoughts on history

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Whoops !!!

Now you have done it ..................  lol  !!!!
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I enjoy watching the History channel here in the US. I have knowledge of Americal History, Louisiana History, and some World History. Which did you want to talk about?
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Well it seems we have a shared interest in The History Channel!!

Which period of World History are you most familiar with. I'm hoping that I will learn many new things from you.

Dazon50.........Do you think that knowledge of past events helps to understand the present at all ??  I would love to know your views on this .

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i LOVE history!! it was one of my favorite subjects in school and i still look up things to read about and watch shows based on history. it's so fascinating!
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I really love history too, but even more, I love to research it, because most history is written by  the winners, and when you hear BOTH sides it's very interesting to hear BOTH sides of the story.  American history has been so warped over time it's terrible.  They are no longer even teaching about what was done to the native Americans, or America's involvement with foreign nation's, many things are quite distorted to make us look like the "good guys" rather than just the facts.

I got into looking though America's history, mainly after I found out that I am the direct great-great-great grandson of Davey Crockett.  My paternal Grandmother's maiden name was still Crockett, and my biological father's name was Richard Crockett Foster.

Boy did THAT start a lot of fights in elementary and junior high school!  LOL.

But I beg to differ with you Rory, history does repeat itself.  I can give you one example that shouldn't stir up too much trouble.  With money.  EVERY major civilization in recorded history started out on the Gold market system, and of those countries who went off the gold market economy and switched to "fiat" currency, like we did in 63, none of those civilizations ever lasted more than 300 years after going off the gold standard. All the way back to the Roman Empire.

No country that was unable to pay their military ever stood either, as the military turned against them and revolution was the result. And EVERY major war in history was started as a result of economic depression or collapse.

Have you ever read "The Prince" by Nicolo Machiavelli? (not the rapper...lol) It was written in the 14th or15th century as an instruction manual for the obtaining, controlling and keeping of power, commissioned by the Medici Kings of Italy, for their sons.  If you read it, you will see the same tactics have been used over and over and over and are still in use today!

I guess we will simply have to agree to disagree, as I  am of the opinion that history has always repeated itself in humanity's reactions to economics & tyranny.
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I just finished reading an old book that was the diary of a Deputy Marshal in the 1870's, published about 1920.

It seems he was head of a vigilante committee in Idaho and they were running outlaws out of the country. They captured several, but the outlaws had no money.

They made the outlaws surrender their pistols, holsters, rifles and ammunition and then decided what they were worth. Everyone on the posse chipped in, kept the guns, holsters and ammo, and gave the money to the outlaws to purchase tickets on the Overland stage out of town.
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