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Making Christmas gifts . . .

Since hubby lost his job last month, I am making all my Christmas gifts.  I love doing crafts of all kinds and so I have a variety of things I'm doing.  

One project is that I found some wooden picture frames at the craft store - they are square shaped and about 8 x 8 in size.  I also found saying like, "hope," "relax," "dream," "smile," and a couple others.  So, for the ladies I work with, I'm making the frames by painting them all the same off white color.  Then I am painting each of the sayings in a different color and finding rub-on stickers that match the theme of that saying and that will be my gift to everyone.  There are 13 people at work I exchange with - and it will only cost $3 per frame.  

Do you have any things you're making for Christmas!?
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Oh, the saying will be glued onto the frame along with the rub-ons!  
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my mom and i make wreaths. not as actual christmas gifts but we do give them to friends and family. my grammy crochetted and knitted when she was alive so one year she made all us grandchildren afghans. it took her all year but she did it. 35 afghans. lol.
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Well I want to oil paint a portrait of my bf and I as his gift along with whatever else I can figure out he wants.

The canvas i'm working on is 80 x 100 cm. Still small but yet big for the time frame I have. Plus I can always snatch it back and work on it after I present it to him. He won't mind. lol

I'm sort of enjoying it. It's been so long since I've picked up any art related stuff - since January gasp.

I just hope it turns out ok :D

Oh I was gonna say.. not many people make Christmas gifts but I think this year a lot of people might.
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