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Nail Art

Doing my nails is the time I have for myself. You know when the day just ***** you grab nail polish and be creative.

Right now I have yellow toe nails and ninja turtles on my finger nails. So today is a good day lol :D

LOL I was just wondering if any of you guys have a thing for nail art and what's the coolest thing you've done yourself?
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Wow, I'm reading this and I just finished giving myself a manicure and pedicure (lol)... I have great natural nails!  As of nail art, I like the french manicure, regular color polish, but I'm sorry to say, that I not big on art on my nails. I'm all for it, but not on me... maybe.....I'm opened to it :)
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Ya french manicures are always classic. They always look great!

Anyways, ya I have a huge basket of nail polishes and pens. I can't say I'm fantasic but it's good that it doesn't look like a little kid did it lol :D
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