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Poem :)


It's all a blur.
The people, the places...
The names, the faces.
I drank to much.
I got high.
What was I thinking that night?

My stomach is turning in knots...
A drunkard's belly, poisoned with clots.
My soul feels numb.
My heart feels weak.
If I had a voice I wish I could speak.

My heart is cold inside.
I must put this aside.
It's ruining my life.
It's torturing my mind.

The poison cuts deep within...
As I surrender this heart of sin...
Where do I begin?
God give me life again.

I don't want this life of sorrow...
I may not have tomorrow...
I want to make the best of what I've been given.
This ain't the way I wanna' be livin'.

God, I admit, your words are true.
I know that life is you.
The Alpha and Omega...
The Beginning and The End...
I give my life to you now, my only faithful friend.

-As Christ saves my slaughtered spirit, I hear these words from Heaven:
"My child, take my hand and just count to seven".
"One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six Seven. God? Is that really you?
Am I in Heaven?

Angels are roaming everywhere...
There's the brightest lights and peace here...so rare.
No, not rare. Not FOUND...no one can find this underground.
The Angels sweet singing! It's music to my ears...
There's sounds of laughter...
No crying...
No tears.

I ask again, "God am I in Heaven? You told me to count to seven...
What now Lord? Do I have to go? I don't ever want to leave your glow...
I wanna' stay and rest in your grace...I've never been to such a place."

God spoke to me loud and clear...
-As I faded back into earth, in tears.
"Your time is not up, go back...go back. I am with you there too, your on the right track."

Back in earth, I dry my tears.
They're tears of joy, mixed with peace.
I have been healed!
Set free in fact!
I know for sure now, that I'm NEVER going back...

-Back to my old life, of sin, and strife...
Of regrets, and deep sorrow.
I now live for tomorrow, -in hopes of...
Making a difference today...in the lives of others, FOR CHRIST...I pray.

-I pray, that my new life of joy and peace...
Will now touch the life of another, who suffers, and grieves.
Thank you God for saving my soul.
To you be all the glory...
I am FINALLY whole.

Don't take your life for granted...
Jesus can use your pain...
With every passing struggle...
It is strength you will gain.

--Written By, -ksh09--

This poem is about a friend of mine, who got into the wrong crowd and went out one night with her "friends"...to party and get drunk. She was rushed to the hospital, she drank too much. She died. Fortunately, she came back to life. After she was discharged from the hospital...she had given me a call. She was looking for answers...I told her that Jesus Christ could heal her, forgive her of all her sins and set her free. My friend accepted Christ into her heart as her personal Lord and Savior, that night. When writing this poem...I thought of her...and what she went through. Obviously, what happened in the poem isn't what happened to her but, her story, is what gave me the inspiration to write this poem. That is partly how this poem was born.  

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Well good sometimes from horrible experience. I love hearing happy endings. I've come to realize that God can bring good from anything.

Thanks for sharing. It was well written :) and feel free to share more if you want.

Take care, Trina :D
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Beautiful Poem and Very Inspirational.  Thank You for Sharing it.  God Bless Brenda
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