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who likes to cook? do you make your own receipes? do make the plates super pretty??

i love cooking. i don't make my own receipes but i do use all of my grams and grammy's receipes. i'm TERRIBLE at the pretty plates thing though. food is great...plates don't look it. lol.
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I made very thin pork chops last night. Special request by finace...a little salt & pepper, served with "red" spanish rice (color by Goya sason) and a nice salad.

Would like to learn how to cook German food.
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oppss..I mean "Fiance"....p.s. He's Italian and can out cook me anytime with his grilled garlic shirmp...mmmm
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I love to cook but the pretty plate thing only happens on the holidays. :) I just don't have the time for that. I also use old family recipes, but really haven't made any of my own.

Judy - I wish my husband could cook! He burns everything he touches, LOL
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I love to cook. I make southern food to Asian dishes and lots in between. I don't cook as much as before because of fms.  The plate thing....well I care about how it looks on Holidays and special occasions...I do love pretty dishes and trays. One of my favorite dishes to prepare is Jerk Chicken......really spicy for those of us who love spicy food and love the taste of the Islands.
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Food visual presentation is nice, but come on how many can always present a visually appealing dish...I serve it properly on a place and I rather have it nice and hot than looking pretty. My fiance doesn't care how pretty it looks as long as it cook properly, taste good and it's nice and hot (most of the time) :)

I will fix visual appealing plates only on special occasions and holidays.
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Never had a need (to date) for any visually appealing meals. But I do love to cook, as does the hubby. We create our own meals, and marinades, and sometimes go by recipes. Hubby likes a meat, starch and veggie nightly, which gets BORING, so I like to spice it up a bit! I can cook plenty of southern food, as I was born and raised in the south, but can also do a bit of oriental, and definitely Italian, 1/4 of me is so...it's a MUST!
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Love, love, love to cook!  Take lessons too!

I do cook a lot of family recipes but add some of my own spark to them.  I like things a little spicier.  I love cooking comfort food - roasts, chicken, homemade mac & cheese, but really love finding delicious ways with vegetables and to cook a lot of international foods.  My husband used to travel internationally for business.  He'd bring me home cook books and take me out to a restaurant that served that country's dishes and then we'd practice at home.  He is also half Sicilian so did learn a thing or two from his Nona.  I have over 100 cook books.  Love cooking Italian, Thai, Indian and Greek and to make soups.  Would love to learn how to cook Mexican.  

I've managed to remove most processed foods from our diet and like making healthy but great tasting foods.  I'm with the rest of you, my guys don't let me do pretty, just get it on the plates.  Do fancy on the holidays.
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I love to cook and bake. I love baking more. Its harder I guess.
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