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how do you handle distractions?

whenever you trying to create your work (whatever that may be) how do you handle distractions? or blocks?

i have a horrible time with distractions and i end up doing something completely different than what i wanted. lol.
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i focus on what i want and go after it !
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As challenging as it might be, I stay focused on the task and as drifter0213 graciously said, "go for it". :)
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i've been trying but....my mind wanders. i'll be in the middle of writing and start getting new ideas (sometimes for other books. lol) sometimes i think i'm adhd.....lol
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I'm easily distracted. I'm not too good at handling distractions. I hate that I only work well under pressure. :-/
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I tend to only write later at night, when the house is quiet. It helps me focus on what I am doing. Sometimes, those other ideas creep in, but if I quickly jot them down, I can usually get back to what I want to focus on.
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There's usually not many distractions if I'm on a job painting, but if I'm home painting on canvas, there can be a lot and I just have to deal with them as they come up. I try to have a couple of canvases going at the same time so if I get "blocked" on one I can switch to a different canvas and not lose my momentum. The thing I find hard is to go from an actual working paint job to working on canvas. Totally different thing and my mind has to shift gears.......not easy.
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I get distracted from my distractions, lol. I got into sort of a writer's block last year and haven't gotten back into it. One time I found a good writing site that talked about writers block. I think it described it pretty well. i could identify a lot with it.

For me it seems writers block/artist block occurs if:
1. Too many ideas at once. I don't know which to follow, then lose interest in them all.
2. Searching for something else. Maybe the ideas I've had were good, entertained me for a while, but just not enough to actually record them.

3. Looking for a change. (about the same as point 2) Usually what happens after a long block is a shift in style or shift in ideas. Or at the extreme (rather common with me) switch activities altogether. Some point in 2008-2009 I kind of lost interest writing and ended up switching back into photography. I've taken pictures before, but this year I tried it with new ideas and went new places.

I could say the same happened earlier with my writing. I put it off for about two three years, then came back to it slowly at first, then exploded with different ideas that developed the series in ways I may not have thought of before.

During the time I was writing I got around smaller writer's blocks by working on different scenes and characters. Usually block occurs if I am writing something other than the "hot" idea in my head. I'm slogging through other stuff to get to the point. Sometimes it helps to get the "hot idea" out first and then figure out the rest later. Sometimes shifting from one character to another creates interest. I worked on my main character but got in a rut. I switched off to another character and developed his story. As a result I got to know another characters in ways I never knew him before. Kind of like getting to know a person. (I tend to think of my characters as life-like. They'd be alive if their world really existed.)

Even if I am not writing, I still think of my stuff. Usually I just don't write out.
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