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i just need to rant...

so i live in pittsburgh (i can see the point from my street....) and this G20 summit is RIDICULOUS!!!! it's so PATHETIC that these "peaceful" protesters have cause so many business to board up their windows and doors and close down for 2 days. breaking windows in building and businesses that have not boarded up, hanging ridiculous signs from our bridges and turning our wonderful, beautiful city into an absolute chaotic nightmare!!!! i went jogging today and the flippin cops QUESTION ME!!! (i wear hubby's usmc sweats jogging)
"Hey, what are you doin? why are you jogging? why you wearing marine clothes."
20 questions for jogging. seriously??? GOD G20 NEEDS TO GO AWAY!!! saturday can't come fast enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the economic summit cost our city OVER 16 MILLION DOLLARS! what was ravenstahl told? oh you'll eventually get it back. gee that's great. so what does pittsburgh do in the mean time??? what the h3ll was obama thinking when he said have G20 here????? i know we're a great city, i know we're a pride filled city, i know we know how to rally together in times of need and happiness, i know we have one of the lowest unemployment rates right now but COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why were the people who live and work here forgotten? AND GET RID OF THE [email protected] PROTESTERS!!! *sigh* i'm done.
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I don't blame you for being pi$t off, especially if you were just going jogging and felt treated like a criminal. The military slack probably trigger the questioning. They think everyone that might have the slightes combat gear might be some type of a risk.

I live in Chicago and was born in Obama's Hyde Park neighborhood,  It's a regular neighborhood, just like any other here, but is now very well protected by CIA, Chicago Police, etc..I don't live there now, but born  there and although I voted for him, to help you out...sent them to Hyde Park, IL.
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it is just ridiculous here.

what's funnier is they shut down downtown pittsburgh (pretty much) put all the world leaders into one building....yeah if there would have been a terrorist attack it wouldn't have been that hard to make sure they got the right building....

i feel bad for my mil. she lost 2 days wages b/c the law firm she works at shut down for thursday and friday.
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THEY'RE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY TRULY!!!! THEY ARE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm a happy camper. pittsburgh can go back to normal. : o)
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