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new to the group

hello all Im new to this group, I love to write poetry. Found it helps me heal/ get thing out on Domestic Violence that I have been through. will soon post some here if you all would like.. thanks Nikki
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Hello and welcome. Would love to hear your poems. I'm not a writer myself but I do enjoy reading poetry. :) Keep it up, its a great outlet to express ones feelings... Trina
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You never see what is deep inside of her
you have covered your eyes to her pain
you have blocked out her cry's for help
She just wanted to be shown your compassion.
she battles the dark faces of fear
she fears there will be nobody to hold her when she is scared.
she fears she is not wanted,
loved or that you will not be there.
All she ever wanted was to good enough for you,
but you turned your back, you lied, you walked away..
she knows she cant change you so she cut the ties,
those ties you once had on her
she stands tall and regains her strength
She then spread her wings to fly free...
Here is one of them :)
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Very emotional. Do you normally share your poems with others? I have a family friend who has her works published in book by just sending them in at various magazines. She writes sad poetry about different people, she's come in contact with. Some are homeless, some are about the elderly being abused, some are domestic abuse, some orphans, some low-income homes.. etc.. but they all make you wake up to what's happening..

But very nice. Keep it up. :)
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Im looking to publish a book of my poems. yes I post them on Face book all the time. I am a survivor of domestic violence, rape, childhood molestation, so I can say a rough life and Im not 32 just yet... thank you
Just also started posting to deviantART too.

thank you again :)
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Oh well that's neat. I never really had a desire to show my art in books or anything... I dunno. I guess I'd have to think about it.

Any with all of that that's happened to you I'm sure you can help those in the same situation through your writings. Keep at it, its a good way to let it out and also reach those in the same predicaments.

Take care :)
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I would love to see it.. I get inspired by art or music.. thank you :)
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I posted some of my art on my profile but I don't' think I'd ever have them put in a book or magazine. I don't know... I guess I'd have to think about it.

I'm actually in the process of the 100 day drawing challenge. It's incredibly hard, I can never get myself to do it everyday. Sometimes I'm in the mood and sometimes I'm not and even when I am, things get in the way. I posted the challenge in this forum, so anyone can do it. You could really use it for anything - photography, short stories, poetry, drawings etc... It's real fun.
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