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who's your favorite?

who is your favorite author? poet? musician? artist?

what is your favorite book? poem? song? painting/sculpture or other piece of artwork?
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I am a big Stephen King fan, favorite book would be The Stand. I read Carrie when I was ten and have been hooked every since. :)

I also like Dan Brown and am reading his new book Lost Symbols.

Meg Gardiner is another favorite author.

Joe Hill, who is actually Stephen King's son, is another one that I like.

Music, I love my 80's hairbands, and anything classic rock. My 3 yr old son LOVES AC/DC!
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After my mother's death, I read, "Life after Death", by Deepak Chopra. It was very interesting. I am a great big fan of Stephen King also.

LOVE classic rock!  Rollingstones, Boston, Journey, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Eagles and Fleetwood Mack (Oh Yeah!!! take's me back to the concerts that I attended for some not all)....great memories.

Music, I love old disco songs (Bee Gee's, Donna Summers, ABBA's "Dancing Queen" was one of my faviorates to this day.)

Barbara Strisand's "The way we were".

Big band music is one of my favorite and of course current music, Cold Play, "Rule the World"...and I can go on and on.
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i have 2 favorite authors. jk rowling (i know she's a kids novelist but....she's a big inspiration to me) and i LOVE dan brown. i don't read a lot of poetry. i do have a book on it but i don't have a favorite. my favorite song is amazed by lonestar. greg sings it too me all the time.

i love artwork by da vinci and monet.

i'm aiming to get browns new book lost symbols (there are 3 more of his books i need including that one). i got hooked on him when i read the da vinci code. such an amazing author.
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who is your favorite author?

I have a few: Steven King, K.A. Applegate, Charles Dickens


I love all kinds of music from the 70's, 80's and earlier. I am having a really hard time picking only one favorite, so I'll just list a few. Black Sabbath, Kenny Loggins, Ratt, Duran Duran, Was Not Was, Alice Cooper, etc.

what is your favorite book?

My favorite book so far is all of the Animorphs Book Series.


Once again I am struggling to just pick only one, but I would have to say "Round and Round" by Ratt.
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When Dickens was written, he was allegedly paid by the word. In addition, stories were written to be read aloud, which acounts forn the difference between his style and the words written today.

The greatest and most prolific living American Novelist is no doubt W.E.B. Griffin.

His tales of war, and men at war in combat, are the best of the best.

His novels (over 130 at last count) include:

The Corps
The Aviators
The Berets
The Lieutenants
The Captains
The Majors
The Colonels
The Generals
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I like so many witers & poets that it is hard to narrow down,  but I will mention some of my favorites: Poem---(The Panther ) by Rainer Maria Rilke

I like Stephen King, Robin Cook, John Saul, Frank Herbert (Dune), Arthur Clarke...& too many to mention but I will have to say--God/Bible for favorite book.  I am currently reading Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow

Pachebel's canon in D is at the top of my music list.  Enigma, Brule, Robby Robinson, Era, Kitaro, are just some of my favorite groups/singers.

Rhonda Gunn is one of my favorite Christian Singers (Here in this Place)


Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dali are two Artists at the top of my list.
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My favorite poet is Dr. Maya Angelou

My favorite authors vary but right now I like Dr Michael Eric Dyerson and Alice Hoffman, Walter Mosely,Lynn Harris...

My favorite bands are Earth Wind and Fire, Singers various...Al Green, Sade,John Legend , and Prince

Painter Van Gogh and Ernest Watson
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Favorite Poet: Edna St Vincent Millay and Shel Silverstein

Author: I used to read true crime and Stephen King but after Kids I stick with happy endings with a little scary mixed in.  Nora Robert etc.

Favorite Music: Guy Clark, Nanci Griffith.  I love Cindi Lauper, White Stripes, Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Painter: Maxfield Parish.  It's like an anti anxiety pill for the eye.
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Almost everyone I know has no interest in painters, poets and reading. :S But I'm glad all of you guys are well rounded and inspired by all kinds of art :D

My favorite poet: Paul Laurence Dunbar, Gwendolyn Brooks, Maya Angelou & Sonia Sanchez

Artists: Andy Warhol and Edgar Degas

Poems: Ballad by Sonia Sanchez & Nights of Love by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Song: I'd listen to anything sung by Musiq Soulchild, Ryan Leslie and Raphael Saadiq  

Painting: Oskar Kokoschka, Bride of the Wind

I don't have a fave. writer. I don't read enough novels which is bad but I just really like poetry, music and art.
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isn't it amazing how people DON'T like any form of art. whether it be books, writing, painting, poetry, museums...or anything. my brothers are 15 and sophmores in high school. i remember having to read romeo and juliete, julius ceasar, summer of my german soldier and a lot more. i asked them what they were reading in their english classes and foreign language class (we had to read a novel/semester which is 4/year, in my french class) and i was AMAZED when they said..why would we have to read anything? seriously they DON'T have to read for english!!! their "book reports" if you can call them that....can be done on something like dr. seuss!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!?! and the educational system!
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:-)  I am going to add David Small to my growing list.  I just read "Stitches" & was deeply moved by his memoirs.
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