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advice on fibro flare-ups

hey, ive been fighting the fibro fight for almost 2 years i was diagnosed at 23 and it has been a distressing road to travel. i do everything that the "pain clinic has told me to do" aswell as trying every medication that had a chance to alleviate some of the symptoms, unfortunatly none of them worked, my life is stressfull evn though i do my best to reduce stress its pretty hard to avoid when i have a 6 year old with ADHD, no matter how much i keep up with fitness and relaxation i seem  to still get these flare-ups, they say this is caused by stress however b4 the flare ups i am not stressed and yet they still happen and when they do it messes with my head because the flare-ups last for at least 2 weeks, my question is has anyone yet found an effective way of dealling or alleviating the pain of flare-ups when they happen because no matter what i do and what i try my illness continues to get the better of me and i want to take control, hope someone can help!!!
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I to suffer with this and the flares ups can last months.I suffer with the pain and fatigue. I puechase a book called what the doctors wont tell you about fibromyalgia. It focus on the diet and the food we eat. I have not read all of it but i am trying it out,

while i was in England i was suffering so much .then i went to florida for 2 weeks and the pain disappeared. I found since then that the heat does wonders eg (a sauna) it is short lived but it certainly helped.

hope this helps but  try and stay positive
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I was diagnosed in 2004, and am now 41.  I have had flares in the past and nothing seems to help me either....none of the meds I've used have done diddly! This current flare has lasted almost a year and I'm going crazy! Not to mention the "fibro fog" which drives everyone AROUND me crazy. They think I just don't pay attention or I don't care, and that hurts.....I wish I could help, but I'm pretty distressed about this whole outlook myself right now :(
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I'm all for the holistic approach and keep arching for new avenues of relief. I'm 37 now and been dealing with fibro since I'm 23. Its unbearable at times. Stress flares it up, sure, but how can we seriously live without it.
I've tried pilates, yoga, all types of fitness and supplements-still have not found perfect remedy. Seems like too much at anything isn't good. Anyone ever try the "rave" diet. Although very difficult, heard it works.
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I have also tried a lot of things which cause increased anxiety and depression. I am learning how to cope with my stress and anxiety which is working somewhat so far. Except when the weather changes. Awful, I also have a child with ADHD and it is a challenge not to let the caregiver stress take hold of my pain and keep focused on other important issues. I like to try hot tea, warm heating pad, and hot baths or showers to relieve my symptoms. I also enjoy a deep tissue massage by my husband. I am 28 with 5 children coping with fibro. keep your head up!
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