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Are you finding results with natural healing? If yes, what worked for you?

Hi all, I'm new to this group.  I have not yet been "diagnosed" by a doctor, but my mom found this forum and told me that everyone has the same symptoms as me!  I'm 30 yrs old, I live in Hawaii, have two kids (6 & 4), breast fed both of them til the age of 1.  I took the depo shot then switched to the pill.  I have been on the pill for maybe 6 months or so, but stopped since I have been on antibiotics since birth control is not effective when taking antibiotics.  I would like to explain just a little of what I've been through:

First symptom was on Christmas Eve 2012. My menstrual cycle also started around this time. Prior to symptoms, I had also been under alot of stress (taking 4 college classes, working 25+ hours a week, making and selling crafts for a Christmas craft fair to make Christmas money, Christmas shopping, getting ready to fly to another island to spend Christmas with my family).  I'm curious if stress is a factor in bringing this infection to us?  My mom mentioned that when we are under stress our body cannot fight off infections as easily.

I had my first surgery for drainage on Jan. 8th, then another abscess formed 1 week later, a 3rd abscess drained another week later and at the same time I got Erythema Nodosum on my 2 legs. I was put on prednisone, which took away the pain from my legs and reduced alot (not all) of tge inflammation in my breast.  I've been on a series of antibiotics (Clindamycin, Bactrim, Rifampin, Doxcycyline, and CIPRO).

After my 3 incisions closed and healed and I thought I was all better.  I started my menstrual cycle again at the end of February and just a few days later, I had a ultrasound done to see if there was any fluid in my breast (something didnt feel right to me, thus the reason I checked).  About 4 days after my ultrasound I woke up with more redness on my breast and I could feel fluid in there. My surgeon lanced and drained my breast a 4th time just last week Monday.  I went in for a check up on Thursday, he was feeling around the area and pinched a spot and it was really painful.  The very next day, I returned to my surgeon because there was another area with fluid, it's like it happened overnight!  I'm thinking it was from him pinching it.

So here I am, not even 3 months later with 5 abscess drainages.  On Friday I told my surgeon that I would have a mastectomy if I have to but he wanted me to see a breast surgeon first.  I'm also seeing an infectious disease specialist.  No one has diagnosed me with granulomatous mastitis, but I believe it's what I have because its what you all have!

So back to my post, I'm ready to look into changing my diet, taking supplements in hopes to cure myself naturally.  It sounds like this infection do not go away!  I'm willing to try this before getting a mastectomy.  For those of you who found healing naturally can you please share here what you ate, anything you did, supplements taken for those of us whom are new here and looking for answers/results since it seems like the doctors don't know how to help us?!
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Hi, I take tumeric capsules, 2 in morning & 2 at night - suppose to help with inflammation.
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Hi! I mentioned to you in other post I am doing Bee Venom therapy and I love it!...my joint pain has gone and is taking longer and longer (Doctor is increasing the dosage) for my breast to create or generate abscesses.

I am 36 got divorced in May 2012 (This GM appeared in July 2012..) and have a 3 years old boy….my Doctor also wants me to see a plastic breast surgeon before mastectomy, but I think mastectomy is the last option, I am not psychologically ready for it yet.
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Thank you Veronica!  I didn't see the other post but I'll go search for it.  I'm thinking this disease is brought on by stress, don't you?  

I've never heard of bee venom therapy, I'll have to research that.  Do you see a homeopathic doctor?
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Hey Veronica, a few questions...
Do you have MS?  How long after the GM did you feel joint pain?  See cause I don't have joint pain, I did get erythema nodosum on my legs but the pain there is gone.  I do feel this odd pain in the middle of my back though that no one has figured out why (chest X-ray of my back showed nothing).  I'm curious cause the web said bee venom therapy is commonly used for autoimmune diseases and MS.  
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Thank you for responding!  Do you see results with turmeric tablets?
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HI! Well as far the Doctors can see I have nothing but GM, my GM started in July (I am pretty sure stress has a lot to do it GM!) and Joint pain started around October; knees, hips joint, hands, ARMS!
I remember that at that time I was under Prednisone 20mg a day and Doctors telling me that I should not be in pain because of the medication…well I was! Then I started researching about Bee Venom Therapy, and in the second session pain was gone.

I know a woman who had Lupus and had great results with this therapy …based on this I started the Bee Venom therapy, my Bee Doctor (Lol) told me that I will have to wait some more months to let the Venom fight breast inflammation, but as I mentioned before all processes in my breast have been delayed with this therapy. Bee Venom makes your body create its own natural cortisone (without side effects as it is natural). Right now, I am off medications and I haven’t take pain killer in a long time!

Let me know if you need more info. I will do my best to help you!
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Thank you so much for responding!  That is very interesting about Bee Venom Therapy, I will have to look it up and research it.

Right now I am just trying to follow an anti inflammatory diet; fresh fruits and vegetables, organic free range chicken, pumpkin seeds and trail mix for snacking, pommegranate juice, green tea and as soon as I learn to use the juicer, I'm going to try juicing.  Someone suggested I juice carrot with garlic and add apples if I need to sweeten it up, so I'll be trying that.  

I'm yet to try tumeric with water, so maybe I'll try it today.

I'd love to hear more about what other people are doing that's showing results.  This forum has been quiet lately. I pray everyone is doing well.
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I am currently pregnant and this started in November. I too was given 3 types of antibiotics, but because it is not a bacterial mastitis, it didn't help. The breast surgeon (doctor treating me, because I haven't been referred to a rheumatologist) said that granulomatous mastitis has to be specifically looked for when doing the biopsy, if not they will not test for it. However, the ultrasounds pretty much showed the web of pus pockets and confirmed it as well. Also, he was apprehensive about lancing since the infection is connected throughout. I cannot take any medication, so I have just let the abcesses come open and drain on their own. The wound packing was too much for me.

I have slowly started to heal. the inflammation is gone and the abcesses are healed (except for some small hard areas underneath and scars). I watched the documentary, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead," where the guy has a rare autoimmune disease, began juicing and was healed. I started juicing and felt twinges in breast (like when the milk comes down during breastfeeding), and little by little the pus came to the surface and opened. Daily I would remove the bandages and let my breast air out for an hour or more. In the one abcess they lanced, they ended up putting in a penrose drain for about a month. I would lie on my side and let it drain onto the gauze. As each abcess came open I tried to gently massage or press the area around to get the pus out before it closed. I did have some spots that came open a second time.

My advice to you would be to not allow the surgeon to keep cutting, from what I know so far is that it is an autoimmune disease. A rheumatologist would probably be best. Maybe just have the breast surgeon perform a biopsy and test for it specifically to confirm it, then get referred.

Anyway, so I juice (mostly vegetables, very little fruit cause I feel the sugar irritates it more), I eat little to no dairy like milk and cheese, no red meat, and little chicken or fish. I drink lots of water, and hot green tea with honey. I tried the benzonite clay, but it would hurt my skin when it would dry and cause more itching. I try to walk as much as possible to get my blood flowing and get some toxins out with sweat. However, being pregnant, I can't excercise as much as I'd like. My mantra is psalm 147:3.
Oh I also went to an accupuncturist, and it seemed to help a little. He gave me some chinese herbs, but I haven't taken them because of the baby.

Recently, I stopped juicing for a few days, ate meat, and junk food (That's all I want with my cravings!!), but I'm feeling slight pain again (no pus). That's the reason I'm back on here. Anyway, I hope to be able to breast feed by May 10th, so I will be starting my juicing and diet again. Today, I washed, prepped, and labeled all my ingredients into freezer bags enough for a few days. I'm hoping I can juice a large amount each morning for the entire day.

Not sure if stress causes flare ups, but my theory is that my immune system went haywire when my body sensed my pregnancy. That, and pregnancy lowers immune system defenses (or in this case, was hyper reactive).

Let me know if you have questions. It seems we're all kind of lost in this, but I will try my best to help!
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Wow!  Thank you for your response!  I'm so sorry you have to deal with this while being pregnant!  That must be so hard.  

I have my mother in law's juicer and need to figure it out.  I'm definitely going to try juicing.  Thank you for sharing all your info.  I'd love to get some recipes of your juicing.  I've only been following my diet for a week now but I do feel that overall my breast looks like its improving.  

I did try the clay but only left it on for 10 minutes.  And so far I've only done it once.  Do you know if it pulls the abscess to the surface.. Or does it make it go away? Also regarding the abscesses, do you think that letting them surface on their own gives us a less chance of more forming?

Anyhow, I do hope we can keep in touch.  I always have lots of questions.  I'm still waiting to be seen by a breast specialist, looking at beginning of April. Again, thank you so much for sharing!! I and I'm sure other people, really appreciate it.
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