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Are you on birth control?

I have a few questions:

1. Have you healed from GM or do you currently still have a mass and/or abscesses?

2. Are you on birth control? If yes, what type? (Pills, shot, IUD)?

I stopped taking my birth control pills about 2 months after getting GM.  Since I was on a number of antibiotics, the birth control would no longer be as effective so I figured I would stop b/c it was only ANOTHER pill for me to take.  I have not gone back on birth control yet.  But I have broke out with horribly acne on my back and some areas of acne in my face.  I'm curious if this is due to me getting off my birth control, if it's just the changes my body is going through, and if going back on birth control may help to reduce the acne.  BUT my delay is that I also wonder if GM has any effect when on birth control.  

For those who have healed from GM, did you continue taking your birth control? If you got off did you go back on?  Any affects when you went back onto birth control?

For those who are still dealing with GM, did you ever get off your birth control? And if you did, did you notice any difference with or without your birth control?

I've read that birth control can sometimes help to clear acne.  But I'm afraid to go onto birth control if it will cause my GM to flare up. I've been clear of GM for 4 months now.
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Hi there:

They do not know what causes IGM, respectfully I have never heard it to be attributed to hormones, other than raised prolactin levels being implicated as a possible contributing factor.

At one time I know that researches had indicated a history of birth control pill use in the past might be a risk factor.

Truth is they still do not know the cause.  They throw antibiotics at it...and anti-inflammatory drugs...both have limited success.  And of course mastectomy, which usually works.

I did use birth control when younger.  However my IGM came about in my mid-forties, and I have never had children or breastfed...go figure.

I am now fully menopausal.

In my case, my IGM is not acute any longer, however I have lingering systemic issues, as do some women, unfortunately.

I still have scar tissue within my breast and it still pains at times, so yes, there is a residual lump from my process.  Visible on MRI and mammogram, as well as manual exam.

I feel lucky to have my breasts however and consider this a small complication.

Everyone is different, this is a mystery disease.

the best advice I think is try to see what works for you, avoid stress if you can, follow an anti-inflammatory diet, be kind to yourself and rest as much as you can

this is a tough disease to manage and you we all should credit ourselves for dealing with the mental stress of having something so unknown and yet so active
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1) i still have lump in my breast but never a flare up or pain since i stopped treatment in 2012 to have a baby

2) i was actually on IUCD when i was diagnosed. and since i stopped treatment, i conceived, had a baby and breastfed successfully for almost 2 years until i conceived again this time with twins, and i am looking forward to breastfeeding again :) so no birth control thus far, but i might have to use one after the twins are born (im having 5 kids in 6 years, its too crazy) hope it wont cause another episode with GM, it had been such a blissful GM free years
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I think that time fades the scars.  If you want to try something to help it fade faster maybe you can google it.  My scares have faded but I don't believe it's from anything I put on it.  For a little while I put the SEACRET body butter, which has the minerals from the Dead Sea.  I stop putting that on and my scars are still fading.  Take pictures and compare.  When we look at it everyday it doesn't seem like it's fading.  But when you compare photos taken 1 month apart you can see the difference.
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Just to share my experience. I have completely recovered from GM 1yr ago after suffering for 1.5yrs.  Had done 1 Biopsy but it made it worst.  My advice is just stop all the treatmen n medication as it useless and waste money.  GM is cause by hormones thus there is nothing we can do. Biopsy will worsen the infection. After I stop all the medication for 1yr. . N it healed up naturally.  All I have to say it's take time.  Give yourself at least 1-2yrs time. Now I only left r the scars from GM. Anyone know what's the best way to get rid of the scars?  Ps:I have never taken birth control in my life
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I really appreciate your input!  I don't want to put meds into my body either, I do all I can to avoid it.  So thank you for sharing such helpful information.
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To answer your questions:
1.) I am currently "healed" from my GM (I've had it in both breasts, and had partial mastectomies on both)

2.) No, I am not on birth control and I refuse to return to it.


Since I was a teenager, I had been on birth control of one form or another (pills, depo, etc) and finally an IUD. I first got GM while the IUD was still in place. It was later removed for other reasons. Several months (?) later, I decided to use birth control again, an IUD since it was so "simple" for me. At the time, I had not had a GM flare up in several months. Literally within a week of having the IUD placed back in, I started having a GM flare up. I had the IUD removed IMMEDIATELY (following a stern lecture about birth control) and the flare up subsided within the following days. I would much rather attempt to be responsible and use condoms/plan b etc. with my boyfriend (long term) than have a hole in my breast!

Now, I know that there is no way to "for sure" tell that the hormone shift triggered my GM, and considering I had an IUD for 3 years prior to ever showing symptoms of GM might contradict that... either way, it's not a risk I'm willing to take. In fairness, I've also developed GM in my other breast (a couple years ago and approx 16-18months after it resolved in the initial breast) while not on any birth control...

Personally, obviously the choice is up to you. I'd see a dermatologist before turning to birth control to help with break outs etc.. My personal choice is finally being able to let my body "breathe" from medications/etc (BC included) since it's been several years of constant meds from the GM.
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