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Bloody abscess - please help

I just had an abscess open and it is draining red blood primarily.  Is this normal?  Should I put a call into my breast surgeon to be on the safe side?  My regular abscesses are the regular pus with blood mixed in at times, but never just blood.

Can anyone help?
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Wish I could help sweetie. Sterile wound wash, or a shower to clean with soap & water. bandage her up. See how you feel in the morning. At this point the thing popped. You may want to go back on an anti-biotic though. You are taking so much medication already. I have no idea how the steroids work with your fibro meds....but I would consider the higher dosages. 5mg is clearly not doing a thing. Talk about it with her.
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Thanks Pandora1962,

I am going to rebel and refuse to go on a higher dose of prednisone.  I didn't do good mentally when I was on 20 mg before and for my own safety I will not go back on it (and that was even on antidepressants).  I am fine on the high dosage for the 6 days or so, but that's it.  

Thanks for the support.
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I have had a couple of abscesses that had mostly bloody drainage. That usually really died down after the initial bursting and draining - the following day, and from then on there wasn't much blood. It IS kind of scary to see so much blood coming out initially, though.

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Hi Mommy:

I have never had discharge that was mainly bloody - have you had this looked at by now - any explanation?  Anything to ease your mind about this - it would be worrying.

I don't think I have come across this in my research anywhere...a similar experience, except possibly from posts of one other member I believe, who had quite serious inflammation.

I won't go on the Prednisone again either, except if absolutely necessary - due to mental side effects I experienced when weaning.  Very serious stuff.  If your brain and mood are not working properly, you have no resources to mentally and emotionally battle this disease.

I think those that haven't experienced a 'bad trip' on Prednisone don't understand this, my family didn't, but lots of the women here do, so don't beat yourself about that.  Some don't get these side effects from steroids, and that is lucky, because Prednisone does seem to settle the GM for most, at least temporarily.

Wish, Wish for some relief for you - you deserve it.

Thinking of you, Jo

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Just a thought, but maybe the amount of blood is more or less, based on the location and depth of the abscess? Maybe some are closer to a blood source, where blood comes into the breast? Some of my more superficial abscesses were more of the puss-like fluid, while the deepest one, which affected the tissue about an inch deep into my breast, had more blood that drained from it.
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Hello everyone! I know this might sound dumb but does an abscess open up on its own? I don't know much about GM and have read some topics on here and it just sounds rather scary. I am new around here and I can definitely say I lack knowledge of this disease.
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