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Could this be the beginning of an abscess?

Hello everyone! I was recently diagnosed with GM in the last two weeks (found lump, had mammogram & ultrasound, biopsy) and beginning to feel some serious pain. Had a visit with my doctor who is obviously stumped by the disease and treatment. He has a conference this coming Tuesday with other doctors to discuss possible treatments. In the meantime, I am scared this thing is turning into an abscess. I'm starting to feel shooting pain in my breast and starting to notice some swelling and bruising....

So if any of you had the unfortunate experience of an abscess, can you please share your symptoms? Thank you so much in advance.
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I have had 4 abscesses (so far) and I suggest you contact your doctor and request another ultrasound.  Twice, I had an ultrasound where they found no drainable fluid and then 2-4 days later I had a full on abscess that opened on its own (through the scars of other abscesses).  They can fill up fast.

Good luck and take care,
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