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Does over exercising increase inflammation in the breast .. Any experience??

Hello everybody,
        How's everybody around here??? Just had a question regarding workouts and exercises. Has anyone experienced increase in pain or new abscess formation with increased activity or workouts??? I'm basically not a fitness freak but joined the Gym in order to get a lil fit and boost my immune system.. But whenever I have attended these sessions (Body Jam class a dance activity) I've noticed a new abscess formation. This is happened twice coz I dont attent regularly... Does anyone have a similar experience or was it my bad luck that everything cropped up at the same time??? And me just finding as excuse to sit back home and skipping the Gym :)) ... Any feedbacks ladies??
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I was actually wondering the same thing. I never have an issue with walking. However, this body is approaching 50 and it looks the worse for wear. I was hopeing to train for a 5K...and start working on the arms a little. I have put this off b/c of the GM (not that I really wanted to do water aerobics but...now I can't) We never really want to work out till we can't. Do I need to get over myself and persue fitness even if it hurts?
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I jogged before my disease and during my disease.  When my disease was worse, it was impossible to simply jog, even with a jogging bra, because the pain would have been torture.  What I did during this time was pack my boob up in a jogging bra and hold a folded towel or article of clothing against the breast and actually support the breast with my hand during the entire jog.  I couldn't jog in public like this, it would have looked too weird, so I jogged in my basement.  

I never noticed my breast was worse from exercise.  I think the jogging did me a lot of good.  Expecially when I was on Prednisone.  I think the exercise may have saved me somewhat from the weight gain people get on that drug.  Also, the psychological benefits of exercise are enormous.

So I am guessing that maybe your pattern so far is a coincidence.  But you never know with this disease.  Everybody seems different.
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From what I have heard exercising when you have a lot of active inflammation going on is not recommended.

I have always maintained walking for fitness, unless absolutely not able to because of my back.  I also do yoga and pilates and sometimes really do nothing more than some simple stretches when things are really inflamed.  

yes sometimes I feel that my immediate pain is worse but feel maintaining my strength is best in the long run

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I know personally I avoid certain chest exercises and anything too bouncy like running when its really inflammed but overall exercise has helped me mentally since it gives me a sense of control over my body that feels very out of control with this disease sometimes. I also wear a sports bra, tight sports tank with a bra in it and a tank top to keep my breast from moving as much as possible. The bike is a great alternative to running too. Hope u find a workout that is comfortable for you.
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So what I understand from all your experiences is that exercise is good but too much exercise is actually not good and thats probably whats trigerring my inflammation and abscess formation. I may have to carry on with Yoga and Pilates and I may hold on to that Body Jam ( which i love :(( sob sob))...
        Pandora I agree on that too "you dont want to work out untill you can't" :) seriously I've never been overweight and always under 118 lbs except during pregnancy and hence I never thought of working out... But now when I seriously want to take up something I can't  :(( .... I guess Pandora we'll have to stick with light exercises so that it doesn't aggrevate the symptoms. 
        Also my bra size keeps on changing everyday :)) lolzzzz its so weird....
The one that fits in so well today becomes uncomfortable some other day!!! Is it normal or am I getting shopaholic for bras :))) hahahahaha trust me I've almost all sizes available. 
      Thanx for your feedback Jo, Pandora, Amy and Red.... 
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Just wanted to add my experience, in case it is helpful to anyone...

I have definitely felt like exercising made my breast symptoms worse. There was a period of time when any time I got my heart rate up, I would feel a painful throbbing in my breast, and then the lumps and abscesses would get worse. I love exercising, and agree that it is important emotionally and psychologically, as well as for keeping our bodies strong. However, because I felt so much pain after I would exercise, I actually stopped for the most part for almost a year. Over the last two months my symptoms have been much less severe (I am so excited, but also anxious about that!), and I have finally started to exercise again. Fortunately, I have been able to do this without my symptoms flaring up. The exercise definitely feels SO GOOD! I don't know if this makes any sense, but I have heard some of you (especially Jo) mention a feeling of overall toxicity in your bodies. That is what I feel like too...and the exercise somehow feels like it is pushing some of the toxic stuff out. It feels great, and I love it. So...I guess it definitely is different for each of us, and probably different at different times, also...but I would reccommend exercising when and as much as you are able to.
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I have also been wondering about the connection between working out & inflammation.  My very first symptoms (in January) were immediately after I started doing Zumba Dance Fitness workouts.  I stopped them right away because the pain was too awful.  Now, even though the breast has finally settled down a bit, I'm scared to do anything other than walking for exercise.
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My work requires a lot of heavy lifting and exercise, I also routinely work out. I have bigger breasts than some to begin with, and always needed a heavy duty athletic bra but while having GM, especially when the site fills before draining - day to day activities (including work) are harder; I believe from the rubbing of the bra.

For rubbing I've found bandaging up what I can works. As for the added activity and moving; the only thing I can suggest is spending a bit extra for a GREAT bra - and getting it fitted properly (so many of us don't!) - especially since my breast size has varied depending on what my GM is doing that day or week!!! So it's important to switch accordingly! Hope it helps?
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