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Frankincense oil... How to use it?

What is the best way to use this oil? I'm using it topically but only for a few days. I don't have an abscess and I haven't had my lump burst. I just want to use it to reduce and hopefully make the lump go away instead of being put on steroids. So I'm just curious if it's going to help me any by putting the oil on my skin when the lump is internal.

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Hi!  I used to take one drop in my mouth every day.  It tastes disgusting but we do what we gotta do right? Haha they say that a little goes a long way.  If you want you could do one drop twice a day.  Also when you're taking it by mouth, just imagine it going into your body and killing off all the ugly stuff inside.  Then imagine you happy with a healed breast.  I believe in the law of attraction and we attract what we imagine upon ourself.  I know it sounds crazy but it doesn't hurt to try.  And I healed my breast in 9 months with paleo diet, acupuncture, curcumin supplement and frankincense oil, plus imagining my body healed and how I'd feel when my body healed and a positive attitude.

After a while, using it topically made the skin on my breast itchy. I guess I could've mixed it with fractionated coconut oil to help with the it hung but I didn't know much at the time. I hope this helps
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