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GM, fluctuance and pus

Some of our medical professional in town think the breast leaking pus is a good sign... sign of healing. Anyone else know anything about this? Any info would be great. Thanks!
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I am not sure if that is true.  But it seems like if the pus is draining out of the body, that it is a way for the body to help heal itself.  If you are feeling better while the leaking is happening, then it sounds like a good thing.  If I find out information about this subject, I will let you know.
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Hi there:

I think I may have answered this question a bit in my last post to you.

My own unprofessional opinion, gathered from my own experience, and that of the women sharing their stories and treatment histories and outcomes on this forum, is that the draining is not necessarily a good sign, but not necessarily bad either.  I think it is a symptom of the major inflammatory process that the breast is involved in with GM.

The 'pus' is generally just cellular debris from your bodies immune system cells fighting whatever they perceived to be a foreign invader in the breast.  When this debris builds up, the 'abcess' that now develops from this fluid often grows to quite a large size, and will often 'channel' (form a route) to the surface of the breast.   Generally, as a patient, you will notice an area on the breast surface that becomes thinner, darker (mine would look like a bruise initially), and then spontaneously burst through the surface.  Initially you will feel a lot of pain relief as this happens - anyone who has ever had a tooth abcess will understand the relief once the pressure built up by the inflammation is relieved.

However, to me this is just a symptom of the inflammatory process going on, so not sure why it is seen as positive.  But I am not a doctor.

The sinusing can become quite involved and really take over the breast.  

Many of us here have had good result with having our collections drained under ultrasound, before they can become complicated and before they develop a channel to the breast surface.  One advantage of this method is that you are not left with a scar.  Also, my own experience and that of other patients is that if an abcess is left to form to the point where it does form a channel (I have had three experiences of this) - the channel will generally take some time to heal and will leave a scar.  There is also the risk of secondary infection from any open area.

Does this answer your question?

When an abcess does come through on its own and burst - which can sometimes happen quite quickly and can't be avoided - it can be very scary.  There are many posts here about how to best deal with this on this forum, however if you have any questions, just ask us.

Wishing you all healing, Jo

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Hi, thanks. What is 'collections drained under ultrasound' mean? Can you explain to me what this is. I haven't heard of this and would be great to know.

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Is this what is called aspiration? If so, I've had it done 3 times with not much collected and no, no ultrasound with those, either.:( I've drained some of it on my own by squeezing it slightly and will drain on its own also. I've only been poked a total of 5 times for biopsy's and aspirations since this started but I'm already getting tired of this poking and fearing the next one. My first biopsy was extremely painful and a very bad experience. And also left wondering if the insertion of needles can actually makes things worse??
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Hi -

Yes, same thing.  And yes it can provoke your breast, as can anything disturbing the breast.  That is why it needs to be done very carefully.  Doing it under ultrasound allows the doctor to see exactly where the masses are, and how and where to direct the needle.

It sounds like your mass is more solid.  Every woman is different, collections can be very large and fluid and this method then provides much relief.

I personally found that if I let an abcess burst on its own, the channel would stay open and leaking for weeks, whereas if I had a draining early on, the collection would clear up quickly.

Some women manage their breasts on their own, with healing clay, etc., and seem to have good success.


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I have GM and my breast drain even from the sides of the nipple (my skins opens) I drain once or twice a month since June 2010 and is getting worse My Dr. told me that the drainning is caused by the tissue inflamation and I don't think it's a good sign at all.
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