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Had GM & a quadrant mastectomy- phantom pain?

Hi Everyone
I'm so glad finding this group!
My GM story started in Nov2013 on my right b. I live in Germany and I have a 3 yrs old toddler and brestfed her.
To my GM systoms: I had no peculiar signs on ultrasound and normal skin but a hard lump in pain
After mammography & biopsy 3 different kinds of antibitiotics and ended up with a surgery (quadrant mastectomy) last week. No medication except pain killer is given afterwards and I remained in the hospital as they checked my inflamation level (CRP) by taking my blood every day (5 days) to find out if there whether the GM bacteria still there or not. After being sure that the level back to normal I'm at home again.
i had the feeling that the GM was gone but 2 days ago I tried a silicon protese, I kinda have the same pain at the same breast but different areal. I hope its a phantom pain. I'm taking Turmeric treatment and on the way of having the paleo diet. The -so hope phantom -pain do lessens and I hope To have my life back, at least next week, since I've been off for 5 weeks!! from work.
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Sorry you're going through this!  I hope you have found some relief.  I think you will find great effects of the PALEO diet and turmeric. If you can fit it in, I also suggest acupuncture as there are specific channels for healing breast abscesses. For me it took about 1 month on the same ritual before my pain went a away.  Eventually the mass decreased as well.  There are lots of free paleo diet and recipe books on the kindle through amazon.  Keep us posted and let us know how you're doing!  Hope all is well
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