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Hi I'm a new member.

Hi everyone,
First I'd like to start by saying THANK YOU all for your hearts and sharing all your stories. I have learned so much from all your inputs.
I'm a stay at home mom of four fabulous kids range from 16 to 4 yrs of age. I have an   wonderful supporting husband of nineteen yrs.  My battle with GM mastitis started In mid Aug 2010. I was told I have GM mastitis in Sept 2010 through a biopsy report. So I started to be treated by a breast surgeon who treated with antibiotics for three months I delevoped an
abscess that grow very large within  a few days
sent me to see an infection disease dr who after one look at my breast admitted me in the hosptial the week of Christmas 2010 :( I had surgury to remove the abscess and a huge chunk of the lower mass removed for another biopsy. I also had eight days of I.V. Antibiotics as the surgeon and infection disease dr believed I had MRSA staph infection. The I.V. antibiotics seem to works because coming out of the hospital my body did feel much better. My right breast however was forever changed. I left with two very large open wounds and a wound vac which I praise God for!!! It help so much to go in three times a week to have the wound dressing changed out. I know it would be worse for me to have to change out the dressing. It took the wounds three months to heal up. So I thought things were getting better I had been off antibiotics for two months when in early march I started again with flu like symptoms and swelling in the breast and just as the abscess wound was almost heal it started to drain large amounts of pus. I was back to the infection disease dr and was put back on Meds and ordered to have a cat scan done. The results were a new abscess delevoped in the same area of the last abscess. So now after a month of Meds the infection disease dr took me off all      
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