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Home remedies for GM?

I was diagnosed with granuloma mastitis after three months of two ultrasounds, a needle aspiration and two biopsies.  I'm taking two antibiotics and nothing for the pain.  My breast is very red and painful, I've been hearing about the Calcium enzonite clay is this okay for a breast that's inflamed and red???  Also I want to change my diet as well anything that will help me, I'm only 28.  I'm frankly tired of these antibiotics and have had a loss of appetite and I just really hate that it's taking over my life, I can't even enjoy my three year old anymore. Please any suggestions?
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Hi again!  I've learned that trauma to the breast causes it to get irritated, inflamed and more abscesses. I recently had a biopsy done to get my GM diagnosed.  Within the few days following my biopsy, I noticed my breast became sore, inflammation grew and spread, and it was really red around my "purple" abscess areas.  I got scared at first and worried about how I'd cure this inflammation without the steroids.  I stopped taking all my medication 2 weeks prior. So I started drinking turmeric (found on the spice isle at grocery store), with warm water.  1/2 coffee cup of water, with 1/2 tsp turmeric.  I drink that once or twice a day and take turmeric capsules.  The capsules, I found its best to get the one with 95% curcumin, since that's the active ingredient of turmeric.  Try researching this, turmeric.  Another girl on this forum told me she does this (drink turmeric) once a day and her GM is gone.  Her name is Paree.  Also I saw my naturopath doctor and she has me doing "hydrotherapy". I do a warm compress for 3 minutes, cold compress for 30 seconds, repeat this 3 times.  End with one more warm compress.  I do this once a day but if I can do it twice or 3 times a day, even better!  For the warm compress I wet a washcloth and put it in a ziploc then in the microwave for a few seconds.  For the cold compress I wet another washcloth, put it in a ziplock and put it in the freezer. Since doing these 2 remedies I've noticed great results in reducing my inflammation and pain.  Also take daily vitamins.  I'll let you know more later, I have to head to work.  Hope this helps!
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Hi thanks for getting back to me! You know after reviewing a lot of other women sharing their stories and the diet changes they have made, I started trying it and you know what it's been working my swelling went down i don't really have hard lumps as big as they were, my breast feels a little softer.  The redness is subsiding but the redness feels like kind of very dry skin now, has that happened to you?  Also it turns out that the reason my blister burst is because my incision where some of my stitches were was opened so I have a small little hole that was oozing watery blood.  I've been changing my dressing throughout the day for a few days, it's hardly coming out now but it's still oozing a bit.  Should i continue with the gauze until my wound is fully healed?  I'm not saying I'm 100% cured but I have noticed the difference since I changed my diet to anti-inflammatory and I do use tumeric with my meals.  
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That is great to hear!!! I still have a hard mass, lumps and abscesses.  My skin does get dry often and peels but mine, and yours too,  is probably just dead skin.  After all it's gone through, the skin dies, we get new skin often anyway right?

I think you should still use the gauze if its open and oozing.  With wounds, of any kind, I always hear that it's good to keep it clean and dry.

My breasts are still oozing here and there and I have several abscesses, so I wear a nursing pad rather than taping gauze to my breast because the tape just irritates my skin after awhile.

Glad to hear things are going good!  Take care of YOU
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I just posted. I take tumeric, but also drink ginseng tea.  I have given up wheat, dairy, meat, soy, caffeinine and sugar - anything that messes with our hormones basically.
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My wound is still healing but it seems like forever to close.  Sometimes I get worried that it might not close and have to get stitches but I figure I don't want them near my boob when it's getting better.  In some ways I just feel that it all might come back again, it's just really scary especially when your doctors dont really know about this disease.

How are you doing?
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Hello you know I've quite most things but I just need to have some carbohydrates to remain full. so I eat wheat thin bread or cereal. I did stop eating dairy, caffeine, sugar, meat (chicken, pork, beef) I still eat turkey and fish.  It's been hard because I miss eating food but for now I have no choice since my diet change is playing a big part on how my breast is.  What is ginseng tea?  Does that help you with inflammation?
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