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Homeopathy is working for last one month!

I had this for last 8 months....cancer scare, 6 superficial oozing abscess, pain, fatigue, and 5 months of antibiotic, drainage etc..no use...surgeon said i may need more than 3 years to get better...

Now, Homepathy is my saviour..started taking it on 8th Aug..(see my old posts on this)...it is helping me a lot, but i need to be on strict homepathic diet for it to work properly. Over last one month since I started it, my lump is almost half size to the amazement of my surgeon...any deviation from my diet, increases inflammation, so diet is VERY important. I only eat gourd, courgette, cucumber and egg cooked with half tsp of oil, turmeric, salt and little bit of cumin powder...with rice..(am south Asian :).and also milk with Sagu (tapioca) and flattened rice (Chira)...very hard to stick to it..am dying of greed to eat other stuff, have to take my food to the restaurant during a party :(...no other fruits or raw veg, juice, supplements etc etc....advised 4 lit of water/day!!......but works wonders...my blood Hb level has increased, fatigue, breathlessness, palpitation etc etc all gone...inflammation minimum, healing of skin and scar evident...

..aunt talks to me every day and adjusts medication as per necessity (liquid medicine given in drops)..one extra drop of medicine increases inflammation..am then given another to neutralise it....very complicated..so not sure how anyone else could do this...she promises me complete cure in next two months but maintenance of diet and homeo for one-two years to let cells recover to full strength!! sniff-food!

...I would recommend an extremely reputed and experienced homeopath, as it all depends on the choice of homeopath..for those who want to give it a go..I tried a different one before but nothing happened (didn't change my diet or adjust medication)...my homeopath is my own aunt who is registered since 1970...lucky me! Will update...fingers crossed...light at the end of the tunnel...
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Wow, thanks for your story.  I have also changed my diet but not as extremely as your change.   Such determination! Congratulations.  

I've been seeing a naturopath, changed my diet to vegan for the past four months, and my breast is getting worse.  You've inspired me to seek out a homeopath.  
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I earnestly hope you get a really good homeopath..because it all depends on their skill and experience...find one with a good reputation for breast diseases and one who also follows a homepathic diet...nowadays many homepaths dont follow diet, but it is essential...I tried one homeopath with loads of money (40 yrs experience) in UK, but it was ******** (pills and no adjustment or diet)...his medication did nothing...so it could be tricky...but until then, try doing a diet similar to mine for a week or two...see what happens to your inflammation..nothing with artificial stuff, eg preservatives (so no bread..or ready made food from markets just homemade stuff..), only very sweet fruits, eg pears and apple, cucumber, and cooked grouds and rice and milk cooked with tapioca. NO sour stuff, no nightsades, no cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, aubergine, tomatoes...
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this website will be of your interest...it has some cases cured with homeopathy...and did you know that homeopathy is applied alongside mainstream medicine in many European countries including Germany?

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Just want to update, after two months of very strict diet , which I am being able to maintain only recently and after regular homeopathy with much adjustment, I can happily say I'M IMPROVING!! Lump from surface seems much smaller, inflammation has not been as bad as before at all. Irregularities make a redness, but if I control and adjust medication, it does not increase. And later heal up. Since ast two months NO FATIQUE, BREATHLESSNESS, PALPITATION ETC. I finally have my life back. Yahoooo! In fact my surgeon is ecstatic and today asked for a medical photo so he can present my case. He predicted 2months ago at least 3 years with this  and now he can't believe it! Fingers crossed it works all the way...so happy I found a way...:)
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