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It never goes away but can get better.

So I have a doctor who knows this sickness well.  There is a study on it in a hospital not far from me so I am grateful for it being taken seriously.  
I took prednisone for two years (60mg daily)  I finally said no more when they offered methotrexate and low dose chemotherapy as an option
  I started reading about anti inflamatory diets and just cold turkey one day cut out inflamatory foods.  I lost 120 lbs (much from the presinisone) and went from 3 week cycles of flare ups to bi monthly.  
I feel like utter crap today but thought I would post this to remind myself that it used to be worse.  
I have yet to read of a cure or someone ever getting rid of this.  But I do know that with some thought and effort I was able to control this better myself than any of the meds given  to me.  
This worked for me and gives me longer periods of relief without flare up.  Still feel like poop some days and live with the bandages, pain and various bras for different purposes but it isn't what it once was with all the medication.  
If anyone is interested in what diet I follow, just google anti-inflammatory diet or post a question. I'm more than happy to share.  
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read my posts on homeopathy and diet whcih comopletely cured me. good luck
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Well I got completely cured by my aunt's homeopathy in 3 months after almost dying from the disease and the medications. If you can find my old posts, read them. I lost 5 kg in 1-2 months of the homeopathy diet as it was so strict. I recovered completely from a very very ugly disease and I am one of the very very few. Mine lasted about a year or two before I got cured with homeopathy. even my surgeon was shocked. I thought I'd never get better as I read all the posts here...others in my case are in the same state still....I am disease free for two years now and the little lumpiness I had last year is even gone though whenever I feel pain, I get scared. Btw, don't have any nightshades either...
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