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It's a miracle! Homeopathy has started working in 24 hours!

Dear All,

I am copy pasting an email sent today morning to an office colleague:

"It's a miracle. Homeopathy works and I am so shocked that I had to write to you this early Sat morning!!!

My mum came on 7 th. When she saw my lesions, she almost cried. There were 5 angry looking areas over the skin of my large lump, very red and inflamed, two areas oozing. On 8 th evening my aunt said on the phone from abroad, 'when you apply my medicine, in 15 min you will feel better and in 24 hours, you will see a positive change on the wound'. I thought ' Really? not sure'. I didn't really feel any different after 15 min. (Perhaps because I wasn't feeling all that bad)

I had been sent multiple glass vials with 2-4 types of liquid medicine for 6 months. I had my first dose ( a glass vial with a strong smelling water at the bottom) at 6 pm. The next morning, when I awoke, I had the shock of my life. I swear on God and my mum's life, the inflammation and oozing were all but gone, the pain minimum, and they 5 spots looked like old scarring! And the first thing that came to mind, ' why didn't I take a picture before'! So I still took a picture to start keeping record, and showed my mum and then afterwards my cleaner ( who has seen my lesions a week ago and followed my problem for last 6 months). Mum was happy and my cleaner was shocked like me! mum said they grew up in the village seeing homeopath cure what modern medicine could not.

Yesterday morning I had my second vial and today I woke just now, I can only cry as this looks even better ( like old scars) and my tenderness is the lowest ever and my lump is less lumpy and hard.For the first time in months, i also could sleep on my sides(last night). I woke my husband and said that my aunt should be a millionnaire ( now she's 'chamber less'/no practice after having moved to xx). She is good homeopath with a good reputation now treating cancer, kidney and asthma patients (practicing and experimenting since 1970) as she is a homeopath specialist in those.

Oh my God Hxx, my surgeon will be shocked. I could never convince people like Cxx, Gxx, Jxx about homeopathy. I am literally shaking from the excitement( even though Rxx is superstitious and tells me to keep it to myself).

Now, as my mum says, let's hope it works fully. My aunt says it really needs a very good homeopath and the right medicine in the exact right power and the right diet to cure a disease with homeopathy. As far as my reading up on homeopathy goes, homeopathy is like a vaccine. Body is exposed to minute amounts of similar particle creating the disease and the body cures itself. The body only needs minute doses in a calm environment (removing dietary exposures) to work intricately ( according to aunt). Presently I have a diet consisting of only a few food types. Egg, milk with tapioca, all gourds, cucumber, rice, little potato, 3 types of Bxx fish 4 litres of water, half tsp of florrodix. Thats it!!!!  I was on this for last one week. I remember one day last week when I had a food I wasn't supposed to have (a type of vegetable from Bxx shop) I had increased inflammation and oozing. ( obviously my aunt was furious).

And she made my own medicine by dilution to 2c which isn't even available over counter. Aunt thinks it's a fine balance of foods and homeopathy which will finally cure me. She said, if it increases even while on medicine, it's either because of the wrong food or too much medicine. This would need adjustment then.

Anyway, mum says I don't need to prove it to anyone as long as I am cured. Hxx, when I met prof Benson from surgery last time, he said it may take more than two years to heal up ( expectant management) and he didn't want to try surgery or steroids that there was not much evidence for these to be the treatments of choice. He had said my inflammations were so bad, he would not even do a biopsy. He was happy for me to try methods as there was no satisfactory cure.

Anyway, I really had to write to you such a long winding email because I am so excited. Of course, I find it still hard to believe i may be cured in 1-3 months. But fingers crossed! If I get cured, I will be a living proof that not only homeopathy works but for certain cases, works better than mainstream medicine.

Thank you for your continued support. Hope now to be back to office soon:)

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Hi Brendy, I had this since January (7 months)...the lump (huge and had 5 abscesses),after homeopathy since 8 th aug, seems to be decreasing in size, redness much decreased..but I need to keep up the strict diet and homeopathy...try at least my diet and see if your situation can be controlled. After this diet, I am seeing how diet affects my condition...wrong diets spark of inflammations...the homeopathy is working to decrease this slowly...have been assured of complete recovery...so fingers crossed...
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How long did you have this disease for?  You no longer have any abcesses?
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