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Newly diagnosed after 8 years of suffering

Need some advise!  Both breasts affected  and currently my right breast is exploding with puss for 2 years.  I broke my back two years, let's just say! I'm in  the 50% of patients  that didn't have a great outcome.   I am so frustrated and I need help!
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Hello Michelle
I'm sorry to hear that u r diagnosed with this disease.
I'm also dealing with it, it took me a year until they diagnosed me
Been in too much antibiotics and surgeries
To let u feel better, as all doctors say, it heals, but give it time, I mean it takes too much time to cure
As for me I've been suffering since March 2014 and still I have abscesses and still draining the fluid..
You can read my story in this forum
I hope u can tell me how did it began with u
Hope to hear good news from u

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Hi Michelle and all of this group...

I am suffering of this terrible disease since February 2014 on my left breast, i am so tired of weekly appointments, incisions, or draining. I have 2 kids and is really hard combine being a mom, wife, worker having pain all day. I was happy because fine just for 6 months with out treatment but in December it came back again.

I m frustrated too, but i think we have to do what we have to do....I am  thinking to take psychological therapy to accept this disease and its consequences.. I was 21 days in prednisone it was helpful but as soon as i took the last dose, it came back again, now i am taking azathioprine which is a immunosuppressive drug, i just started 10 days ago so i hope it is going to help me . I am  desperate because one of the abscess opened by itself draining the pus and that  area is completely opened, the skin is bare and i have like a big bedsore...some days bleeding some days draining pus but it is painful, i can not move my arm.

Sorry for my English is not my first language but i think all of you can understand  what i am saying. I dont want to think about my future i am scary because of my little kids....I am praying every day and i am waiting for a miracle i always ask myself why me?  

I will keep praying for all of you.
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