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Not a question. Just venting

I received my diagnosis in Spring 2011.  Since then I have had ups and downs.  Recently a big downer was a brand new location inflammation in the "other breast."

I just need to vent on this right now.  I am sick to death of women having breast pain and saying they probably have the same thing I do.  I resent it so much.  I was thinking about this over the weekend when yet another woman asked me what specialist I saw so that she could get in touch with him because she has breast pain too.  

I think I resent it so much because it was such a long road to get to the the place I am.  I lived for almost 2 months with the diagnosis of advance breast cancer.  When the first lump was discovered, my doctor  sat me down, told me that the mammogram results look bad, pushed some pamphlets for breast cancer support groups in my hand and the worst part of all was him telling me to "prepare my family and make sure they understand what this will mean for them".

Since then I have taken large amounts of steroids and suffer still the side effects of that medication.  Like everyone else here I live with pain, open sores, joint pain, fever, general tiredness and the knowledge that this ca only be controlled not cured.  

I am forever grateful that this is not breast cancer.   But I truly resent women who think they have what I have when they experience breast pain or even a pimple(yes this has happened too).  Usually they have gone to the doctor and had exams or mammograms which were clear so they think it much be what I have.  I know they don't know that this presents visually quite often as breast cancer on imaging, but I feel like they are diminishing the incredibly emotional journey I have made with this disease when they have clear mammograms but continued breast pain.  Sometimes boobs just hurt.  Maybe it hormones, maybe its muscular, maybe it's something that they do need to see a doctor about but please do not assume you know what I am going through.  

Sorry for the rant.  I am in a lot of pain today and no amount of painkillers is covering this.  

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AllegromousesMom, I am so sorry to hear you are having a bad time. I'm not sure what words of comfort I could give you, as I too understand this ***** of a disease. I don't think people understand just how rare this is,  most people that I have talked to about this just look at me and say what is that. I just wanted you to know that there are other people who truly understand and that you're not alone.
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