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Symptoms and reasons you think triggered your GM

       I just thought of putting up all the symptoms and conditons existing during your first flare up of this horrible disease. Probably we can corelate and see if there are comman things between all of us.. Let me begin .
1) Stress
2) Less sleep (almost 5-6 hrs)
3) Unhealthy eating habits ( not very keen on veggies and lots of trips to restuarants)
4) low libido ( sad sex life -- sorry just thought of mentioning this since I feel so bad that its hitting my marriage life even now)
5) joint pains
6) Not opening up too much with inner feelings and carrying out life as it is waiting for a miracle to happen and change my stay at home phase.
7) No exercising at all. Though I'm highly energetic.

Can't think of anything else right now but I'll add more later on.... Would anybody like to share thier experience in a list form like this?? Thank you waiting for your replies....
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You pretty much nailed it. I don't think I could add a thing. Every one of those were true for me, although my joint pain came after the GM started.
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I'm the one that had the GM mass removed a year ago. Recently, I've had a good bill of health except that the last 6 months, I've been feeling very weak, drained of energy, sore joints, and the feeling of weakness is not going away.  I eat very healthy and I've been following the American Heart Association Diet the last 3 years which is a low fat and very low sodium diet. I do manage to walk 4-5 days a week and I'm at a normal weight which is normal for my age. Is this all related to GM? Or, hormones? Does GM just flare up? I don't know but I'm determined to do some testing to find out if it's all related because I don't like feeling so tired all the time.

My doctor has ordered a blood test to see what's going on.  Needless to say, otherwise my breast health is good just no energy.
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I think what you are describing is related since GM is supposed to be an autoimmune problem. On the other hand, it could be totally different. If you are already following a strict diet, you may want to check out the anti-inflamatory diet. It is different than the one you are on. No a lot of meat since meat is generally inflamatory, even chicken. However, it may give you some relief in the joints. With lots of fresh fruit and veggies, energy should be really good. I am too new on it to tell for sure, I need to learn the legumes etc...but I giving it a good girl scout try.
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Hey Frankie - good to hear from you.  And glad to hear at least your GM is not flaring up.

I am tired all the time too.  I have never felt well since the GM came my way...(sorry for the new ladies to hear this -- I think some people do return to 100% health though), anyway like you just not there.  

I am no longer working and have nowhere near the strength or stamina I used to - I am in chronic pain with my back though so that is likely not helping, or my medications...

Hope your bloodwork comes up normal...

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symptoms or triggers for my first encounter I believe were nothing... I was a healthy, active and fit young woman when I first had a lump.

Since then and having GM I've self decided that possibly my cycle and hormones triggered or aid to it...

The only "thing" i can think of is at the time I had an Mirena IUD.
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Just reading your message on your symptoms - I too had a mirena coil. It was fitted when my daughter was 7 months and I started with my first symptom about 12 months later.  Was wondering myself if it was coil related.
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