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Update on me after breast cancer and Enbrel treatment

Hi Everyone:  I feel terrible that I haven't responded to questions, and dropped out of moderating this group some time ago.  But, I have just now recovered from the treatment of aggressive (Her2+) breast cancer.  Interestingly the cancer occurred in the breast that had IGM, and also my cancer biopsy revealed GM cells within the cancer tumour.  I have been undergoing surgery, chemo and radiation and it was pretty hellish.  However, I am starting to regain my strength now.  

1) GM hurts a heck of a lot more than breast cancer in my experience, so don't let anyone just dismiss your pain and suffering -- both diseases are awful, although with the breast cancer it was the treatment (mainly chemo), that was horrific, the tumour didn't hurt, and while aggressive breast cancer is not a psychological picnic, the unknown cause and best course for treatment for IGM is not a great place to be mentally either
2) Just prior to my breast cancer diagnosis, I had gone on a four month course of Enbrel.  Whether it did anything good or bad I have no idea.  However, I did get the cancer diagnosis shortly after.  I have not had a recurrence of GM since.
3) Research doesn't seem to have gone anywhere?  or maybe I just need to do more current reading.

I hold you all in my heart and thoughts.  This is tough stuff, and don't ever let any ignorant person tell you differently.  

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Praying for you!! What a turn and this is one of the first cases I have heard of leading to cancer, did they mention a mastectomy? That's where my thoughts are leading me personally, after 12 years of this, I don't have any healthy tissue left really on my right side and I want to be done with this!
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