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any natural remedies

new to forum. I was diagnosed with chronic GM a year ago. I had one absess drained by needle aspiration a year ago, it got infected then closed. I just got another one on opposite side of same breast 4 months ago, it stayed open after being drained at Dr.'s office and since it didn't close had an incision done, but it opened up again and now I have a hole the size of a quarter. Dr. told me to pack it. I'm tire of taking antibiotics. Has anyone tried any natural remedies?
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My most helpful things:
1) Anti-inflamatory diet. Can't say enough good about this. No stabbing pain since the diet change. I have lost 10 lbs. and feel really good.
2) Pro-biotics. 40 bucks at a health food store. Re-introducing all the good bacteria that the anti-biotics destroyed along with the bad. I feel like it is restoreing my immune system.
3) Calcium Benzonite Clay. (or healing clay) also from a Health Food Store. Applied to the breast like a poltice. Draws the infection out. Soothes the pain. Calms the inflamation.
4) Sleep! Your body needs LOTS of it.
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Hi pepsi75
Welcome!!! You will find lots of help here don't be afraid to ask question. We all need it and want to give it. I took have been on antibiotics for seven months at the same time I have been taking a LOT of probiotic it has help me so much. All these months of meds I have had no problems with me stomach nor have had any yeast infections. My infection disease Dr has been quite suprise that I haven't had these issues. But I know it's because I do take a lot of probiotics. I also follow a gluten and diary free diet. I'm working on the inflammation diet to this one is harder because I love eggs and tomatoes but I know it's worth it to help my body to fight. I also juice greens and fruits I have been doing this since Oct and it helps I'm not sure how but it does for me. I to have lots weight so for me that is something good that has come from all the yucky bad stuff that I've go through. I hope this helps in some way. I do think sleep is very important also so get as much as you can. Research all your questions that come to mind and put in to practice what works for you. We are all different and what works for one doesn't always work for another but the advice is so helpful.
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Wow! Here I am toteing the benefits of an anti-inflamatory diet, and I never knew tomatoes were not recommended on this diet. I haven't found anything one way or another on tomatoes, but it is NOT on the list of recommended veggies. It is not on the list of foods to avoid either....but. Needless to say...I eat a lot of tomatoes.
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Hi pandora
This is the web site I went to http://nutrition.about.com/od/dietsformedicaldisorders/a/antiinflamfood.htm
I never thought about nightshade plants? I haven't cut out tomatoes all together. I like them to much :) I hope this helps.
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Hi pandora,
Sorry i hit the button again to fast when I wasn't done.
The nightshade plants don't affect everyone. So I figure I don't feel bad after eating tomatoes. So I won't stop yet. I feel like I've given up so many other thing that I'm fighting to keep what I do
love, like eggs and tomatoes. Good luck in researching this topic :) please let me know if you find anything new. Blessings :)
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I found the anti-inflammatory diet difficult (to near impossible) to follow for those reasons too...as if it not enough to give up meat and animal products...and sugar...and processed grains...now there are vegetables and fruits that we are not supposed to eat also???? It's crazy to me. Probably worthwhile to try if you could do it well, but I just haven't gotten strong enough to pull that off yet : )

I have definitely found that reducing fats, sugars, and meats, and incorporating LOTS of veggies, fruits, whole grains, and teas makes a big difference for me, though. Just doing the things that we should always be doing for health anyway - eating right, exercising, sleeping lots - those things all seem to help.
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