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breastfeeding with GM


I am new to this forum. I have had a right breast mass measuring 12x15cm for the last 3 months. I am 34 weeks pregnant. I have had a core biopsy (3 months ago), which showed multinucleated giant cells, and my breast surgeon does not know what I have. I saw an infectious disease doctor who told me that I have granulomatous mastitis. However she (the infectious disease doctor) does not know if it an infectious one (TB) or non infectious one (Idiopathic). She did some blood work on me including a TB spot test and it came back negative. She now wants me to come back and see her after the baby for another biopsy for a TB culture.
I saw my breast surgeon today as I had pus draining out of my biopsy site (last week), and he said I should not breastfeed the baby postpartum (not even with the good breast). I am devastated and wanted to know if there are people with GM who have breastfed their baby? does breastfeeding make it worse?
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I can't speak from experience because my GM came later in life than yours. However, I have read several posts from women who have indeed breast fed their babies with this condition. Hopefully now that your abcess is draining, it will start to heal quickly. My gut reaction is that if you want to feed your baby, go ahead and do it. I happen to think the pros outway the cons. Especially if you are not taking any medication as of yet. If it proves to be too difficult you can always re-evaluate and stop. However, if you never try...you will never know for sure.
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GM is idiopathic... I believe
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Thank you so much Pandora1962 and rustentatious. Will definitely give it a try.
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I'm so sorry you have to deal with this at a time you should be nothing but happy with having the baby. I'm still at the process of being diagnose with GM, and I have been breastfeeding continuously from my 1st child to the second one for 3 years. Recently a doctor I met advice me to stop breastfeeding, even with the good breast. Her reason being that the milk will provide nutrient to the bacteria in the mastitis and the longer I continue breastfeeding the longer it will take for any wound on the breast to heal. But I understand how you feel about not being able to breastfeed, it hurts me emotionally more than physically just to stop even though I've breastfeed for so long. I suggest you get as many professional opinions on the matter as possible. Good luck and God bless you.
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Hi, I'm newly diagnosed with GM. I've had drainage as well from the biopsy site, I've had 2 done recently. I'm now looking for more info and support and anything positive.
Congratulations.. new baby :) I've had 3. My oldest is 14, 10 & 4. My 10 yr old was 14.3 pds when born! lol
Wishing you luck. Tc
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Hi Adabekee:

Congratulations on being pregnant!  That is such wonderful news.

A number of women on this forum have posted that they have breastfed while having GM from breasts that were symptomatic.

However, I understand you would like some professional advice to be sure that what you eventually do is the best for both you and for the baby (GM is not a disease to take lightly).

I would suggest you have your doctor contact Dr. Laya, she is currently handling about 12+ of our cases, I believe she is likely now the world leader in treating GM:


Academic Office: (206) 598-4958
Fax: (206) 598-8957
Clinic appointments: (206) 598-5500

She has been known to consult with local treating doctors over the telephone or I believe via email.

Good Luck - let us know anything definitive that you find out.
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