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hello there!

At the age of 17 i was very sad and depressed due to personal reasons..
around that time was when .. i started feeling some kind of movement or strange feeling in my right breast.
so i went to a gynacologist i knew to see if everything was okay.. and she felt my breasts and said everything was okay at that time... however i still felt something wierd there.. but i ignored it..
the years passed by.. until it was no more a matter to be ignored.. at the age of 23 .. there was a huge lump in my right breast.. so huge that it caused my right nipple to get inverted!..see i told u it got so bad i could not ignore it any longer. finally went to a doctor and he he told me that it was very big ...slightly bigger than a golf ball.. and the only soliution was to get a surgery done... no one new what it was.. cancer??? what not... he was very calm.. i was very calm too.. and he said whatever it is ... the lump had to be removed from my right breast .. so i went ahead with the surgery ...and the mass that was removed wsas given for biopsy!..thankfully it was non-malignant !.. and the diagnosis was that it was granulomatous mastitis..i was on meds for about a month ... steroids to b precise.. but the docotrs.. said i needed to take the meds only for a month.. its been almost a year now.. in jan it will be one year since i had the surgery...
but the thing is of late ... i've been having funny feelings in my right breast again.. and i really do not want to have another surgery.. so i'd like to get any kind of information.. on how one can ... control or totally eliminate the disease from the body of it is possible.. through diet... you know like what are the foods one should avoid.. and what are the foods one should consume more of... inorder to be free from this disease!..
any help would be appreciated...
thanks in adbvance.
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I have had a lot of luck with the Paleo Diet helping my symptoms. I wrote some info about how to get started with the Paleo Diet in another recent post. The post was called "I guess it's time" on November 30th. If you scroll down, my comments about the Paleo Diet are there. I think that eating right is the most important part, and I also reccommend trying to exercise, sleeping as much as possible, and doing things to reduce your stress.

Hope this helps you in some way!

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hey jennifer!
thank you so much for that information!..
i checked it out!..so now all i have to do is start practicing it! :)
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No problem! I hope it helps you. If you have any questions, let me know. There is a learning curve, but once you get going, it's totally worth the effort. The first week was the worst for me, and then I was hooked : )
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I always want to cry when I hear stories like yours. I am so sorry you had to go thru the invasive surgery, and the year on drugs that were not addressing the problem. I hope you have picked up enough from this web site to contact a specialist. Either a Rheumatologist or a research hospital like Cornel or Mayo Clinic. Diet may help a lot....but unfortunately you will have to learn to manage this condition for a while before it will go away. Surgery is NOT your only option, although sometimes it is necessary. The pain can get intense sometimes, but even if it breaks open and drains on its own, you can treat it yourself and keep it clean.
My prayers are with you as you learn to deal with this.
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