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   Monday, I see the wound care specialist/surgeon who I suspect will 'want' perform another open excision to "connect the holes" that I have.   I dread any further surgery because of the severity of my asthma following surgeries.
   I am not comfortable with this surgeon any more and look forward to being seen at Toronto College Hospital.      
  On a humourous note,  a (male) friend of mine said that he and I should go off to a nudist colony.  I laughed until I realized that he was serious.  Ok....not only am I WAY overweight but,  I have had a bilateral mastectomy and sport holes in my chest.    He even had the prices and other pertinent information about one out of province so I wouldn't be uncomfortable...Yeah right.  I guess I should be thankful and flattered that he likes me any way I look.
  If he wanted a date, all he had to do was ask me for coffee.   LOL

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Hi there -

I am so confident in WCH care - can you wait to have any more surgeries til after you are seen there?

If you don't trust the surgeon I think you should follow your instinct - also not sure what connecting your sinuses would do other than create one even bigger area without skin, which to my mind would be even more difficult to heal.

Gotta love men - I don't think they care how we look as long as we want to get naked with them :)

Keep your sense of humour - so important when you are walking around with holes in your breasts that no one can explain...

Can't wait til you see (I hope it is Dr. Cil or Dr. Lenkov) at Women's College...they truly care about what they do and I have complete confidence in them.  You will have to update us right away after your visit please.

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Hello Jo:
  I see my family doctor on Wednesday for the much needed and wanted referral.   I did note that the family physicians (under which Dr. Lenkov is listed) to be sure that they will take an IGM patient.     I will see if surgery can be put off.    
  I'm keeping my fingers crossed (as soon as I am finished typing) that I am able to get in to see Dr. Lenkov soon.
  Have a great day.
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Hi, so sorry about your "holy" chest.  I would say, like Jo, get another surgeon if you can.  One that you are comfortable with.

But on a second note, WOW, what a compliment is that...to be asked to go to a nudist colony.  You go girl, you must got it goin' on :)!  Of course, I am married, and I don't think there are any nudist colonies in Arizona, but I've never been asked to go to one.  

I was watching the Dr. Oz one day and he said men don't see all of the lumps, bumps, and rolls that us women see.  They just see the basic womenly shape, because that's all that matters to them.  It's kinda hard for us women to realize that, but men really, truly don't see all that stuff, just a nice naked body.  Just go buy some cute pasties and have a good time :).
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Dr. Lenkov is a family physician, but she has for years worked a few days a week at Women's College Hospital Henrietta Banting Breast Centre in the High Risk Management area.  So you don't want to be referred to her private practice - you want to be referred to her at Women's College Hospital.

Dr. Cil is a surgical oncologist at Women's -- she has seen a few cases of IGM.

If you need anymore info, just let me know.  I go so often all of the admin staff know me by name :)
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I have contacted WCH and asked to send in as much information as I can to avoid delays in an appointment time.  Wednesday is my appointment with my family doctor to have a referal sent;  I have all my information from the surgeon who did my mastectomies and will bring that along so the doctor can forward that as well.
   Today,  I saw the surgeon/wound care specialist;   what an extremely waste of time.
My abscess is the size of a softball (no exaggeration), the area is red and warm to the touch.   Although, I am allergic to all antibiotics I have been on,  he wants me to give another one a try with an anti-histimine and an epi-pen standing by.   THEN said...."I'll see you in 7 weeks".   WHAT THE HECK?!
     The pain isn't too bad yet but, I know as this abscess continues to grow that it will become painful.  Hopefully, my family doctor will lance it or send me to have it aspirated.
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oh you need to have that drained to get some relief, I also personally believe it aids in healing -- when the collection becomes so large it is affecting nearby tissue for sure - but hey I am no would care specialist

if you get in to WCH - you then will have access to having drainings as needed by very skilled radiologists, which is what you need

I am really hoping that given that WCH knows how serious and painful this condition is, they will be able to see you very quickly

wishin for you - Jo
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Hi Jo:
   You may not be a wound care specialist but, you have been through this hellish stuff for quite a while.   And I thank you for not your valued imput.
   The more information my doctor can send the faster I can get in to see someone at WCH (according to the nice lady that I spoke to there).   I have a lot of documentation that I have collected over the past 4 years from different doctors, lab reports, radiologists, etc. and will bring that to my family doctor for him to include in my referral.   Most of these reports he should already have as he was sent copies but, I willbe able to speed him up a bit.
    I need to get this fixed soon;  if the weather ever warms up,  we will have the pool open.
     Thanks Jo.
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Sorry.....When I said that you not your valued imput;  I meant to say..."Thank you not only for your valued imput but, for starting this forum.
  I saw my family doctor today who is more than happy to send  a referral to WCH.  He has been at his wits end on to what treatment to give me.  He did call the surgeon/wound care doctor that I saw on Monday some not too kind words for not doing anything for this now infected abscess and for telling me to go back in 7 weeks.    I suspect that I will end up at the local hospital before I go to Toronto but, will ask that I have a needle aspiration as opposed to the incision that had to be done today.
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Hi Jackpat:

I had figured out your meaning, so no worries.

It is frustrating that so many of us are having sub-optimal care and the patients are of course the ones suffering for this...keep your chin up.

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