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?do withdrawals start ALL OVER??

I WAS off methadone for 7 days and I messed up and took two. I usually take 8 at a time but didn't really want to take ANY but I the withdrawals were so bad I needed some help- I couldn't take it. I don't know if I think about it so much and in my mind it gets worse or if its the cravings playing tricks on me... I thought my script of lortabs were gonna b ready today so i would be fine even though I was telling myself I wouldn't take those either. I came clean to my mom today too- she thought I was only takin the lortabs from the doc. but my husband has known kinda on and off even though I lie about not taking them... is it true it helps to come clean to everyone? I cry just thinkin about tellin my dad... he'd be crushed... he told me in the hospital when I was like 13 not to get too carried away with the pain button on my IV (his friend died from an overdose) any suggestions with anything will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks
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i am watching sober house on vh1 and they are talking about methadone withdraw and they just said that It could take up to 6 months to recover from it. I know the loratabs are better then the methadone but the loratabs where my downfall so becareful with that to!!!!!!! I was hooked after no time. I am on my 9th day of being sober and I felt fairly normal today but this is the first day I have.... Some of the days were worse then others but there has always been something lingering.... I am hoping that i am at my end of all of it. I dont crave them all.... so thats a good thing!!!! Good luck to you and keep us all posted!!!

Coming clean does help. I have always been an upstanding person and the people that i did tell were very shocked but luckily they understood. Going through the things that I was going through they really didnt want to hear cause i think that they didnt want to really talk about the fact that i fell into what I did but they didnt hate me.

One thing I will say which is obviously what you are doing is doing it at home. I was in the same enviroment i was in when I was high which was tough casue like I relate my house to being high, well if i detoxed some where else and then came back to my "high enviroment" i dont know if i would be able to do it. I did little things around the house to make me not relate my house so much to drugs and depression. I rearanged everything in my house to make it look different just to try and trick my mind. little things like that!!!! EXERCISE is the best remedy i think. I was going through the worst part and some friends came and got me and we went and played tennis.... I really didnt want to do it and was sore as **** but when I got out there it took my mind off. I only played for a half hour but it was good for me.

I have big mental issues with thinking that there is no other life to live and that this is my life and it will never be better and there is nothing to live for..... well the other day I went for a ride on a motorcycle which i have never done before.. and it may sound stupid but just the adrenaline from doing that made me believe in my mind that there is more to life then stupid pills.... anything like that!!!!! Do things that give you the adrenaline high.

I didnt call out of work at all through my detox. My work suffered cause I felt so bad but I forced myself to do it.... and just believe that each day does get better!!!!!! and if you feel bad today remember that you will feel better tomarrow. Maybe not a lot better but with this anything is better then anything.... sorry for rambling on.... good luck to you and keep in touch with your progress!!!
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As far as being honest , you said that you are married and your husband knows about your addiction. Then I would go ahead and keep honestly in the marriage , if he is supportive he needs to know what is going on with you.

As far as your father their is no reason that you need to make him worry or crush him, will he still love you if you do tell him of course tha'ts why it will crush him and you know it. Remember you are an adult and you don't need to tell Mommy and Daddy everything, especially when it is hurtful and they can't help. As a man I think if you tell your father you make him feel helpless. This is your problem and you can tell him later when your clean and sober.

For now focus on your sobriety and keep off the methadone ....yes you had a slip and I knoiw how hard the WD can be but please STOP now . And as far as the lorotabs DO NOT get them refilled as you are an addict you will take them. I hope that you are able to take a few days to WD, and don't worry about your parents right now. Worry about the addiction , you can tell the parent's at a later time when you are clean. But do turn to your husband for support as you may need him to help with WD. Good Luck and keep at it you can do this. Bless
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