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Sprayed marijuana?

Some people i know recently bought some marijuana that is very very purple and was wondering if people spray marijuana to add color, and if so could it be harmful? The nugs where said to be purple on the inside when they broke a big nug in half. Also when smoking the first joint for it, after the first few puffs it was dropped in the snow.They said it seemed fine at first, but they were wondering if there could have been some weird salt or something used to melt the snow that got on the joint when dropped? They said there was a slight weird taste after, and they also said they were under the influence of alcohol when the joint was smoked. One said they didn't feel any difference then smoking some good pot, but one was very anxious and said they felt strange. If anyone could give me any info it would be much appreciated, one of my good friends came to me telling me this and was very scared that they ether smoked sprayed weed or smoked snow salt or other snow melting chemicals, Thanks.
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I'm guessing the color has something to do with this: http://marijuanamythbusters.com/2011/05/10/chronicology-101-making-your-pot-turn-purple/
I'm not sure what would happen if you were to accidentally try to smoke ice salt, or if that's even possible, given the crystalline structure.  What did it look like when they picked it back up off the snow?  Was it melted snow that they thought might contain dissolved salt?  Because ice salt is usually pretty big, so it should have been obvious.  And usually people don't sprinkle ice salt on big snow banks, so was it snow on pavement?  
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I buy mine at a dispensary, and at least one strain is VERY purple and tastes a bit "fruity." I've tried only 5 diff strains so far (just out of curiosity), and I'm realizing that there ARE differences between them.

I've learned alot since April ... but not nearly enough to quell my curiosity.
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