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Where is medical marijauna legal?

Hi, I'm new to this group.
I use med marijauna for my chronic back pain.

I live in Canada and can travel with my medicine. The problem is when I want to travel to other countries, I don't want to be arrested!

I would really like to go away in the winter for a few months to get away from the cold and ice, but I need to bring  my medicine with me.
So my question to you all is:
Where is medical marijauna legal?  
Which countries, and which states in the USA allow the legal use of medical marijauna?

Thanks so much, sueduva
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you can just check the internet as to which states have medical marijuana,not so sure about using your card in another state..
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I live in a "medically" legal state -- Maine.  There are two states where it's completely legal (I think maybe Washington & Colorado)?  I believe each "medically legal" states has it's own requirements regarding travel. I don't think you can travel into the country with it.

At least in Maine, I think you have to be able to present your prescription to a dispensary that you've contacted well in advance. Things have to be in place BEFORE you get here.

Probably not the answer you were looking for .. Internet gives way more information than I can.
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Thanks for the information.
I've just resorted to bringing it with me wherever I go.
I've been lucky so far. I just hate to resort to morphine for my pain.
I will let you all now, if and when I get arrested!
My Dr. has written me a note to go along with my licence to possess,
so hopefully I will find compassion in my journeys.
Take care, Sue
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