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Actual Condition? or Just Convincing Myself It's More Then It Is?

I was wondering if there was a term or something to actually call what I seem to constantly find myself doing, I can put myself into very intense 'simulations' for lack of a better term. I can do it with my eyes open, but it works better if they are closed, I simply pick what I want to see and suddenly I'm there as if I were actually there, I can feel the things in my visions as if I were actually touching them, or at least my body or brain thinks I can. The emotions and feelings to, in the visions, hit me as hard as they would if it were to happen, if the scenario is a family member dying, its caused me to cry for three hours straight and be depressed for a large amount of time even if that family member is very much still alive; or if the vision is a sexual one...you get the picture I hope. It's not always controllable and has even happened while I am at work, suddenly a coworker is shaking me "awake" and telling me I've been sitting or standing in the same place and position for the last five minutes. Not sure if there's anything else to describe at the moment, if I think of anything more, I'll update. Hope I've given enough info for now, thanks!  
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