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Anxiety at work

I tend to feel a huge surge of anxiety come through me at work sometimes, I am not sure if it's the stress or just me dwelling on it too much, Plus these heart palpitations are HORRIBLE! I want to know if I am alone?
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Hey aj_atroctiy.
Sounds like this was meant for someone else. probably not intended for you.
Did you rule out deficiencies. It might be a good idea to get some tests done.
Magnesium is a very common one, specially with palpitations and arrhythmia and
to a lesser degree with stress and anxiety.
Another common one is vitamin D, even if you get adequate sunlight, you still may have a
I use to get those long time ago. It was related to going through a very stressful period
in my life, and I did not have the tools then to distress and re-balance.
Try meditation-buy a CD if not able to-and deep breathing . Checkout Pranayama deep
Breathing. It will help. You just need to do it often enough till the habit gets instilled in you.
For a more serious condition I would seek out a good Hypnotherapist.
Take care.
Hope this helps.
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Hi aj,

You are definitely not alone!! I get these as well, especially during meetings for some reason. Do you get anxious any other time as well, outside of work?
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