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Has anyone heard of this weird syndrome or whatever it is?

Here's the story:

My grandmother is currently in the hospital for a busted hip from a fall and for the last few days she has been going loopy to say the least. She seems to be in a delusion that she is back home in Mexico, wanting everyone to make sure the refrigerator stays closed and that the food on the stove doesn't get burned. Obviously none of that is in the hospital room but it worries me, obviously.

Any ideas?
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I am so sorry about your G Ma......It could just be the pain medication the doctors have her on for her fracture.....or it could be the pain itself that is causing her dreams....

I do hope she and you feel better soon....

Good luck to you

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I'm a nurse, not a expert on things, but I've had patients do that from pain meds before. Same exact thing.
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I agree with the other two Medhelp member's comments. I suspect the pain
meds that your grandma is being given for her injured hip is causing this.
I wish you and you grandma well. Blessings, Eve :)
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