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Losing it, don't know how much longer I can do this

Is there any kind of chat room on here for people ready to go out of their mind, due to chronic pain and mental stress?
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Hi, I am new to medhelp. I believe that there should be a chat room as you mentioned. I have been trying to get a handle on my chronic pain and mental stress, but it has been very difficult. Thank God I have family and friends that understand and are very supportive.
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I wish my family was more supportive. They say "I don't know what else to do for you" when all I want is someone to listen and care, even if its a little bit.
Trying to make freinds on here, but not much luck. It takes a long time for people to respond it seems.
Also tried and have exausted every option looking for a Cronic Pain Help Group, with every Hospital within 50 miles and I live not far from Boston. None of th local Hospitals seem to have anything which is hard to believe and not helping my situation at all.
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forgot to check my spelling....
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I know, people who are not going through depression or chronic pain have no clue! I hate it when someone says "I know what your going thru" you want to say back "the hell you do - unless you walk in my shoes - you have no idea". I usually say that I understand, but everyone has different issues. Some more sever than the others. Now my husband is becoming depressed because of what I have put him through over the years. I am not sure what to do!
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My wife is also getting overwhelmed w/ me. She does alot, but a person can only take so much before they, like you said, become depressed, and frustrated...
I tried, but have not found anywhere yet, but have you looked into a Chronic Pain Support Group? Call your local hospitals or pain magement centers to find out information.
Hope you have more luck than I have had....I am not giving up on this idea even if I have to start my own group.
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I know what you mean. I think my husband has finally had enough of my so called "episodes". I just left my psychiatrist and she put me on a mood stabilizer, so we will see if it helps. Just a little nervous about taking a new medication.
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Hey girl keep your head up. I am in the very same boat! I have tried evcerything it seems!
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Hello Hakensak,

Just happened to come across your comments. Are you aware there is
a forum on Medhelp called The Chronic Pain Couch. It's a great forum.
We're all very supporitive of each other. Most of the people on the couch
as we call it have chronic pain issues. On this forum is advice, suggestions
and people who listen and care about each other. It's free to join so why
not give it a try. So, once again, this Medhelp forum is called " The
Chronic Pain Couch" and there's room on the couch for everybody who
wants to visit and share. I wish you well. Eve
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