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can anyone tell me if it's real ? Is mid thirties too early for one? Is it a mental health condition or something else? How can we deal with it in our family?
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Yes, mid life crisis is a real condition and can occur at any age, but seems to develop and rear its head when we get into our mid thirties....

Our lives into our mid thirties and early 40's have often times been a whirlwind of activity involving friends, sports, school, meeting a life time partner, marriage, children, a job and on top of all of that, maybe a little social life....  We get to mid 30 and see what we don't have, what we should have worked on a little harder, how our bodies are not as ripped as they were, how our hair is thinner or spare arount the edges and in many cases, what other people own that we don't....how well their children are doing and maybe ours aren't , how much they are in love and maybe we no longer are.....This leads to a deep sadness which can spiral into a full blown out depression because we know on one level that the past is actually past and cannot be changed, but on another level we wish for the changes to just occur in our lives without any further work.....

Medical doctors are well trained to look for health causes and may be able to refer you to a therapist or counselor if your health is not at risk and it is in fact a depression that needs to be addressed....It is never to early to start recovery from depression at any stage of this malady, in fact sometimes earlier therapy or medical help will put you firmly on the path to having a great " older " life where you actually reap the rewards of all the hard work you have done to get where you are right now....

Good luck to you

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. My husband is going through this now at 36. He seems stuck on the past and afraid of getting old and turning 40 soon.  Is therapy needed or should I let him work it out on his own. How do I know if he is Depressed?  thanks for the help.Do all men go through this and how long does it last. thanks for your help.
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