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Never Ending Tiredness/ I May Have Depression?

Im 14 and female and recently over the last month ive been stuck in never ending tiredness. Even if ive gotten a good 10-12 hour sleep, i still feel like someone who hasnt slept for 2 days. Ive heard it may be a symptom of depression and that may be the case.

As ive said in a early post; im having troubles with a close friend who ive moved away from and hes quite depressed and has almost commited suicide, which does affect me abit but im not sure its the reason i self-harm (another reason that i may be depressed), i dont enjoy anything anymore and i get big mood swings where ill be happy for a day or week then suddenly feel the need to cut and cry non stop. Im not good at anything and my future looks hopeless.

I hate my appreance and weight although i still have an ideal BMI and i always try not to eat anything and have a go at myself for being fat everyday.

I cant think properly and i forget very easily and im constantly trying to help everyone around me, enough that when i cant help them i will cut myself from guilt, although that is not the only reason i cut.

I hate myself and i realy need someones help. Do you think i have depression/disorder? I appreciate any advice i get. Thanks.
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Alot of the things you described sounds like things that I experience and feel often too. Tiredness, not liking how I look, depressed mood, feeling like theres no future.  Other things as well. Also all of those things can be depression for sure. But Im not a doctor so I cant say yes you have depression. But I can say I do relate to what you said.

I think that you should talk to a parent or another trusted adult about this and see if maybe they can help you get into counciling. It might help to be able to talk to a professional about it who can help you and tell you whats wrong with you.

Im sorry you are dealing with this. I started having depression symptoms at a really young age too. Hope it helps to talk about it and hope you get the help you need soon.
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Try looking into some vitamin deficiencies, like D and B12
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