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I recently was prescribed 25mg of zoloft for my bad anxiety. I have a huge phobia and anxiety about dizziness. I am constantly worried I will get dizzy and sometimes I do. Not true vertigo but weird dizziness when i move my head...but not BPPV. I experienced a bad doctors visit who told me I had acute labyrinthitis...which ended up not being true when I went to an ENT who told me I could have never had that but that set me off to a horrible cycle of worrying I was gonna be dizzy and from then on I sometimes feel dizzy ( I am thinking anxiety related or neck related...very bad neck pain from time to time) So now I live my life worrying every moment and constantly checking to see if I am dizzy and I can not live my life anymore. So with this medicine I am EXTREMELY worried that it will cause me to be DIZZY as a side effect or when I come off the drug I will be dizzy. I have read so many horrible posts of peoples experiences and I want to know if EVERYONE feels dizzy on the drug or when they are coming off the drug?? Please some information would be greatly appreciated. What are the most common side effects and does everyone GET DIZZY?? Please help...feeling hopeless and scared.
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First of all, I understand ur worry and commend u to at least reach out for help or advice. Dizziness is a VERY common side effect of Zoloft, however there is no way of knowing if EVERYONE who takes this med experiences this side effect. Unfortunately anxiety itself can make someone dizzy. I know all too well the feeling of disappointment when a doctor gets the diagnosis wrong. With mental health that is far too common and it's sad. I'm not a doctor of any kind, but have battled and continue to battle an assortment of mental health issues. I have been off all meds for almost 2yrs and have found different ways of coping with my anxiety and other issues I experience on a daily basis. Meditation or self reflection (journaling) are a couple of things that tend to help. Perhaps try sitting with ur dizziness and anxiety next time u experience it. Close ur eyes and focus on slow breathing. Once it passes (and if u can maintain slow concentrated breathing it WILL pass) u will begin to learn how to DEAL with anxiety and dizziness. I know it's not the magic answer we all desperately hope for, but I hope it helps. Best of luck to u.
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Thank you for responding. I know I see a therapist and I haven't been dizzy since november....but it is just always in the back of my mind. And I do think at this point my dizziness is anixety related. but I just wish I could know if the medicine will make me feel dizzy or if it won't casue I would love to feel better for once.
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