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should I try and send a correction email or not

These things sound unrelated but they are not. I recently spent about a month getting internet quotes for a new car.
I became friendly with salesperson.. he emailed me 2 or 3 times a day for a week. He was just doing his job. he also phoned me several times. My husband and I went to the dealership he works for out of state and got the car. He sold me/us the car.  I am old enough to be his mother.. this is not romantic.

My husband lived in this metro area as a child to teenager.  My aunt used to live in this state in 2 smaller cities and I went to visit her a lot in the 1990ies. I also have a cousin living in a suburb and an old neighbor in a small city near the metro area I had hoped to see.

I was impressed by this salesperson and the dealership he works for. My husband and I felt we were treated very well and we brought our dog there when we went to pick up the car. After we got home he emailed me and asked me standard questions. I also got a survey from the general manager so I emailed him what I said about him. In order to get the car at a very good price, I promised to give it the best possible reviews on all surveys.

I seem to have become obsessed and have emailed him 2 times and told him part of my life story.. it started out by mentioning the people I did not get to see I wanted to and talking about the trip 500 miles home in our new car. Then I tell him about the main street I live off of being paved and all kinds of stupid stuff.

He was only doing his job with the follow up emails. I guess I am lonely and now there is a big let down, because I got emails for about a month from dozens of internet salespeople I contacted about buying the car from.

On Sat I got sick with a bad kidney infection I had had for quite a while.  I am very drifty and not thinking clearly. Two days ago I sent an email and told him about the 1st time I had ridden in the kind of car he is selling.  I was 20 years old and in college. I was not quite a hippie. This was in 1972.

Anyway the details about my first ride in the brand of car he is selling.. were inappropriate. I sent these to his work place. Car dealerships have layers of managers. Dozens of people could have read it. Plus the dealership could be audited by the IRS, homeland security and various other places. I did not think logically because of my kidney infection. What I foolishly said could end up hurting him and/or the dealership not just make me look crazy.

I proved on Wed how drifty I was as I got lost trying to find a business I had been to 4 times. I had not been there in 2 years, but I had a little map on a business card for this business from my doctor  Usually if I get lost 1 time I figure out what I did and don't get lost again. All I had to do was to drive straight down a busy street. But this was close to lunch time and the traffic was heavy... this business is also near a mall. I rarely shop in this end of the city I live in.

I was on residential streets behind a business area.. there are a few businesses in old houses on the street            I come in off one of the residential streets and drive through an alley and park in the back... and then walk to the front of the store. I was told to buy something there by a doctor, there was not a store closer to where I lived that sold it. I had just eaten and had some coffee when I tried to drive to this business.

Plus and this is even nuttier: my car has a GPS and I could have programmed the address of the business I got lost trying to find in it.

My poor judgment is largely because of my kidney infection... it is still bad I had to go to urgent care on Sat and had a 103 degree temperature.

I still need to email my salesperson and ask if I am supposed to get a valet key and if there is a manual for the security system he had put in.  

What do I do about the inappropriate emails? Do I tell them I am extra drifty because I have kidney infection and got lost and did not use GPS? Do I say please ignore the part of the email that was inappropriate when I gave out too much info about a 1972 experience? or should I not mention any of it and let the whole thing drop?  What can I do to minimize the damage I already did? I made myself look foolish, illogical and just plain nuts.

The 1972 experience did relate to the kind of car I bought but, I gave out too much information ... it involved stupid stuff college kids did then.. if I had not been sick I would have edited what I said and left out all the embarrassing and inappropriate info.

Should I ignore everything weird I said and just ask the normal questions about the valet key, and manual for the security system in an email? I plan to go back to the dealership and have the car serviced within 6 months and visit the people I did not get to see. My husband will be with me when I do that and he does not know about what I said in the emails... and I do not want him to know.  I had not yet met my husband in 1972.

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