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Basically its the approach of targeting specific behaviors and changing thoughts associated with them. The four major factors are Motivation to abstain, Coping with Urges, Learning to solve problems instead of reaching for a drink, and developing lifestyle balance to fill the void often left by quitting.

A great starting point is the cost benefit analysis.  It's simple but powerful.  You start a list of the pros and cons of drinking or whatever your addiction is.  Also do a list of pros and cons of NOT drinking.  After the list is complete, make whether the item is short term or long term.  Keep adding to it as you think of new things, you'll find reasons and motivations coming up that maybe were hidden from you.  Reffering to it often is a great motivator and research has shown that motivation is everything when it comes to controlling addiction.

I'll start working on mine and post it.
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As Fawn said, this is a great idea and especially one to refer back to when you feel weak, or feeling like using your DOC.  I'm on day 10 off Norco's and my reasons are:

*gain control over my life again, be active and participate in life, not just watch it go by

*re-connect with friends and family I have shut out because it's just 'easier' to be alone

*live a healthy lifestyle and control my fibro with natural supplements like diet, vitamins, exercise, therapy and understand/accept that with this illness I have limits, to respect them and not focus on and be bitter about not being able to be the active, outgoing person I once was, who was going 24/7 (drug free) and pretty much in a good mood all the time - and to be satisfied with who I am now and do the best I can

*to not pop a pill, pain or no pain, just for the temporary high to escape in the moment stress, cuz it'll be there when you come down

*To find something funny and start giggling, call my mother, she hears me giggling on the other end and she starts laughing without knowing anything and we laugh till we cry - she IS my best friend

*to set examples through thought, word and deed
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I think this is a great idea and I am excited to participate, so here it goes here are my reasons to want to quit taking Norcos:

1. They make me an emotional wreck.
2. They make me crabby.
3. I want to be able to hold an inteligent conversation again.
4. I want to stop feeling guilty and ashamed of myself.
5. I want to be able to leave my house without feeling ashamed.
6. I don't want to hurt my body anymore.
7. I want to smile again.
8. I want a clean house and yard again.
9. I want to be able to keep my promises again.
10.I want to be a GREAT Mom not just an ok Mom again.
11. I want my relatioship with my Husabnd to be the way it was when I was'nt high all the time.
12. I want to feel alive again.
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Okay this is not alcohol related but I quit smoking 11/01/09 and it's going well.  I quit cold turkey, but using nutrition therapy (basically healthy snacking every 30 min to keep blood sugar up).  I have cheated, took a couple of puffs off a friends cigarette and I feel terrible about it.  I feel I'm so close to beating it.  It's been 8 days.

My reasons for quitting are as follows:

1. The Cost
2. Feeling and appearing weak / stupid
3. Not wanting to contribute to the corporate bastards trying to keep people addicted
4. I don't get high from smoking
5. My dog and cat hate it (apparently they are smarter than me)
6. I want to set a good example for people in my family who desperately need to quit for heath reasons.
7. I hate ashtrays, the smell, emptying them, spilling them.
8. I hate stopping to buy them on the way home or whenever I run out.
9. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as I kick the habit.

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